Florida Water Damage Restoration and Repair Services

Water Damage Construction and Repair in Southwest Florida

Whether it’s a burst pipe, flood damage, or any other number of causes, water damage needs effective water damage restoration and repair. Without proper water extraction, dehumidification and drying can cause long-lasting structural damage as well as pose health risks.

Water damage restoration is the process of restoring a property back to pre-loss condition after sustaining water damage from water or floods. At ServiceMaster by Wright our experienced professional response team is on duty 24/7 and ready to react within 30 minutes. Our team has the knowledge, experience, and equipment to put your property back to the way it was before disaster struck.


Our water damage restoration process will evaluate three criteria to determine the best course of action:

Water Damage Restoration and Repair Process


This is when they will use their moisture sensors and meters to see how far the damage goes and how wet the area is, including the ceiling, walls, and carpet/carpet pad, or another flooring.

Remove Standing Water

If there is standing water in the area, this will be removed. No other work will be able to continue if the water remains in the area. This will also allow the technicians to find the source of the issue so that the issue can be taken care of.

Prevent Further Damage

Water damage can weaken the integrity of certain structural materials, making them a hazard if they collapse. In some cases, this material may not be able to dry properly, so to prevent water remaining trapped in the area, it will be removed.

Drying and Dehumidification

After the standing water has been removed and materials that could pose a drying or structural hazard have been removed, the drying process will begin. This often involves placing fans and a dehumidifier in the area.


Throughout the entire process, the technicians will monitor how well the drying is going. They’ll use their meters to test the moisture content in the affected areas and ensure that their equipment is working properly.


Once the meters read moisture levels equal to the previous dry state of the room, the technician will remove the fans and dehumidifiers from the area. At this point, the water remediation process is considered to complete.

Water Damage Repair Additional Damage

As mentioned, sometimes ceilings, walls, or flooring have to be torn out, baseboards might be removed, or holes might be drilled into walls to ensure proper drying. Our water damage technicians may do these repairs themselves. Having this conversation during the inspection phase of the process will let the homeowner or business owner know what to expect when this phase is finally reached.

Why Choose ServiceMaster by Wright?

Locally Owned with National Resources

ServiceMaster by Wright is locally owned and operated but has national resources to help out to the massive demand for storm damage and water damage disasters such as wind storm and widespread flooding, always ready to help out whenever we are needed. Nothing is more important than knowing a restoration company you can trust with the safety, security, and restoration of your property. Thanks to our national footprint and more than 1,900 locations, ServiceMaster Restore can respond to any size of disaster both quickly and efficiently to bring back the property to its pre loss condition.