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When disaster strikes, ServiceMaster by Wright is on the scene—providing the guidance, expertise and personalized care you need—to make sure your life gets back to normal as quickly as possible

No matter what the disaster is, whether it would be water damagefire damagemold damage or storm damage hits your property in Lehigh Acres, ServiceMaster by Wright is here to help get everything in your home or business restored to normal. Damage from kitchen fires, basement floods, and other disasters can be quickly and professionally restored. At ServiceMaster by Wright, we understand that your home or business is most probably your most important asset, whether it be financial, sentimental or both. During this time we’ve provided high-quality service to a broad range of clients including the general public, builders and national insurance companies. The diversity that ServiceMaster by Wright is a testimony to our commitment to all clients, be it large or small. We’re able to produce quality work for a competitive fee whilst always endeavoring to maintain the highest level of customer service and cleanliness.

ServiceMaster by Wright specializes in water damage in Lehigh Acres to structure and contents. As an insurance preferred contractor, we provide assistance and guidance when an emergency occurs. Our technicians are fully trained in water damage restoration to your property no matter how large or complex. In what can be a complicated and traumatic event, our office staff will provide the reassurance by assisting you in your insurance claim. ServiceMaster by Wright has a purpose-built restoration facility to professionally restore an entire home or business if required.

The first thought in the event of any fire is safety, but the repercussions can be felt much wider in terms of content and the structural integrity of a building. At ServiceMaster by Wright, our emergency cleaning services extend to fire and smoke damage repairs and restoration in Lehigh Acres.  No one wants to be faced with such devastating prospects, but to quickly restore your home or business premises after fire damage in Lehigh Acres, ServiceMaster by Wright work around the clock.

Mold is an insidious and often hidden problem for your home and business in Lehigh Acres, and it can do more than just spread and be unsightly. Mold spores can cause allergic reactions, asthma attacks, chronic sinus problems, poisoning by mycotoxins and fungal infections. The problems can extend to fatigue and depression. Mold and mildew build up over time in damp areas. They are naturally occurring microorganisms that exist everywhere in our environment. But when the amount of mold in your home exceeds normal levels, it can affect the health of your family, your possessions and the structure itself. ServiceMaster by Wright performs all types of mold inspection and mold remediation, ranging from dry rot to dangerous black mold and pink, yellow and white molds. Mold can grow in virtually any area of a home. ServiceMaster by Wright professionals is trained and certified in mold remediation to ensure that problematic spores are removed quickly, safely and completely.

Severe storms create devastating damage to your property in Lehigh Acres and thinking about repairing that damage can be overwhelming. Storm damage repair in Lehigh Acres needs to be executed quickly and safely, so you demand the storm damage restoration experts from ServiceMaster by Wright. Our experts are available to do exactly that – so you can rest easy knowing your property is secure and like new. We want your Lehigh Acres property to be restored to its original state, so our expert technicians are standing by to repair the damage for you. No matter what kind of storm damage plagues you, we have the right equipment to clean up and fix your property. From storm damage repairs to storm damage reconstruction to excess water removal and internal structural drying, we can recover your property.

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Maintaining a clean environment allows you, your family or in business, your employees to enjoy a pleasant workplace and home, it boosts productivity and presents a professional image to your clients and visitors. ServiceMaster by Wright’s residential and commercial cleaning services remove the hassle of coordinating in-house cleaners by calling ServiceMaster by Wright. When managing a business or caring for your home in Lehigh Acres, coordinating a cleaner can become a time-consuming task. Our technicians at ServiceMaster by Wright are greatly impacted by a clean environment and you send the message that you care if you give them a good environment to work or live in. Also, clients will gather an impression based on what they see. Avoid all of this and invest in our cleaning services at ServiceMaster by Wright

We service Coronavirus COVID-19 cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfection service for all residential, retail businesses, hotels, church, municipality, bank, restaurant, nursing home, and government facilities including libraries, office buildings, public spaces, and more!

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Client's Reviews

Susan Hart

Last month we had a kitchen fire. ServiceMaster responded in less than 30 minutes and all the technicians were wonderful. I felt really stupid for leaving a towel on the stove and it was surprising just how fast it all happened. The crew started the clean up within minutes of pulling their trucks in the driveway. Luckily it there wasn't any structural damage just smoke. It didn't take as long as you would think to rid my home of that awful smell and clean everything. Thank you ServiceMaster, I will recommend you to all my friends.

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When disaster strikes, call the trusted professionals at ServiceMaster by Wright. If you have a property damage emergency or want to locate the ServiceMaster by the Wright office nearest you, Call us at 239-431-9947.  We are here to answer your questions and to provide free estimates.