ServiceMaster by Wright Property Damage Repair Process

Restoring your peace of mind.

Property Damage Repair Process

ServiceMaster by Wright is here to get your property put back to its pre-loss condition. It’s important to understand that the repair process will be an inconvenience to your daily life and that life will not feel completely normal again until our IICRC certified team of experts is done.

We are a full-service repair and restoration company in Florida, we are experts in putting people’s homes and lives back together, but more importantly, we care!

Identifying Your Team

The repair process will be identifying the team that will ensure the repair process for your property is filled next level communication, quality, and the fastest way back to normal. The following contacts will be identified for you.

Team Coordinator

If you have any questions throughout the process your team coordinator is dedicated to ensuring you have a great experience with ServiceMaster by Wright.

Project Manager

Your project manager is in charge of the day to day operations once your project is underway. Ordering the proper supplies, materials, and working on your property.


An estimator will be assigned to you and handle the scope and estimate the cost of your project during the initial phase of work.

Estimators will also handle the communication with your insurance company to make sure that repairs, materials, and the labor involved are covered in your policy.

Understanding the Repair Process

Step 1:
Determining Coverage and Approval

Our team will communicate with your insurance agent and adjuster to verify our scope of work with your insurance coverage, determine deductibles and any other out of pocket items that need to be covered as well as getting approval to start the project.

Step 2:
Determining the Scope of Work

The Project Manager will perform a walk through with the main facilities manager, adjuster, agent, risk manager, safety officer making sure that all parties are on the same page and proper expectations are set.

Step 3:
Planning & Material Selection

This phase starts immediately after the walkthrough and requires input from the client for material selections. It speeds up budgeting and the coordination of material deliveries; resulting in faster completion.

The content portion of the work will be going on in conjunction with the repairs to your property, so your salvageable contents will be cleaned and ready for you once it’s time to move in. Once your property is put back together, we will bring all of your possessions back to you.

Step 5:
Communication & Project Management

Once the schedule is set, the restoration of your property will begin right away and our team will be executing the agreed-upon scope of work. Depending on your preference, we will provide daily or weekly progress reports to all the stakeholders ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Step 6:
Final Walkthrough

At the end of this stage, the work is completed and we celebrate your business being able to function like normal. Your Project Manager will start out onsite with you determining all the work that needs to be done in order to get your property back to normal.

Property Damage Repair Experts in Florida

Our team at ServiceMaster by Wright are the first responders following significant damage to a home from floods and fire damagewater damage, mold damage, and other major events. Allow our  IICRC certified experts to provide professional advice and estimated pricing on any changes you wish to make.  For more information call us today for a free estimate at 239-431-9947.

Why Choose ServiceMaster by Wright?

ServiceMaster by Wright Team Member

Fast Response: Our aim is to get your property back to a pre-incident condition as soon as possible. We give our customers accurate timescales on how long the entire process will take.

Minimizing Damage: We will do everything in our power to limit the disruption to the occupants’ lives and routines.

Secondary Damage Prevention: Our technicians will do everything they can to limit secondary damage to your home. In the case of a flooded property, there is a chance that mold can affect your home and personal effects.

Looking After Interests: We take appropriate actions to look after your items, we will store unaffected and specially cleaned items off-site until the structure is ready. We will do everything in our power to minimize the loss of items such as upholstery, artwork, and documents, etc.

Health & Safety: Making sure that the occupants are safe is of paramount importance to us. We will make assessments on the condition of your property and will carry out appropriate actions.

ServiceMaster by Wright Van

ServiceMaster by Wright has over 40  years of experience in dealing with the aftermath of water damage. Time plays a crucial role in reducing the damage caused by water and mud. Many inventory items can be saved if a technical drying process starts within 24 to 48 hours after the event. This helps increase the success. Call us 239-431-9947Rest assured our emergency response team is available 24 hours a day will respond to your needs 365 days a year 24/7