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Storm and Fire Damage Repairs in Florida
When disaster hits your property, it can be tempting to temporarily leave your home until all the necessary repairs can be taken care of, but would walking away be the solution to the problem? It could have more consequences than you think.

What is Tarping and Board-Up Service?

Tarping and board-up services will prevent further damage to your property. These are intended to close any openings to your property following a disaster like a fire or flood. Broken windows, broken doors, damaged hinges, and knocked down walls all provide easy entrance to unwanted visitors such as insects, animals, and thieves.

ServiceMaster by Wright offers roof-tarping services that waterproof your roof until it can be fixed. We’ll board up any broken windows, walls, or doors that have been damaged as well. By shielding compromised areas, we help prevent further damage to your home. Other services included are temporary shoringpower restoration, and temporary fencing after vandalism. 

Why Bother With Board-ups and Tarp Overs?

Risk of loss of insurance coverageIt is not uncommon for board-up and tarp over services to be required by your insurance carrier following a disaster in order to be eligible for homeowner’s insurance coverage for damages. Why? The faster you board up and tarp over after damage has occurred, the more likely you are to prevent additional damage to your property.

Risk of further damage. Holes in the walls and roof can allow additional damaging elements inside your home; this includes everything from wind and water to animals and thieves. Any of these unfortunate occurrences could add more salt to the wound and, subsequently, your repair bill.

Risk of additional property loss. If vandals or thieves gain access to your home, they could damage or remove anything in your house, access your personal information and destroy or steal your property, such as electronics, appliances, HVAC system, plumbing pipes, fixtures, and more that could be taken for scrap. Nothing is safe in a home left open and unprotected.

Risk of liability. If someone enters your home and gets injured, you could be liable for their injuries. To prevent this, you need professional help.

Why Do You Need a Professional Help for Board-ups and Tarping?

Board-ups and tarp overs performed by professionals ensure proper installation and help you avoid:
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In any emergency situation, call ServiceMaster by Wright! We respond 24/7 and are committed to provide quality service to the Southwest Florida area. From initial damage assessment to board-up services, emergency tarp installation, and follow up, our experts deliver quality workmanship and guidance to make your life easier after a traumatic disaster. We’re just a call away. Call us at (239) 431-9947 today!