Florida COVID-19 Property Cleaning, Sanitizing and Disinfection Services

ServiceMaster by Wright is now offering Coronavirus COVID-19 cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfection service for all retail businesses, hotels, church, municipality, bank, restaurant, nursing home, and Government facilities including Libraries, office buildings, public spaces and more!

Serving customers all throughout Bonita Springs, Bradenton, Cape Coral, Captiva, Englewood, Estero, Fort Myers, Iona, LaBelle, Lehigh Acres, Longboat Key, Marco Island, Naples, North Port, Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, San Carlos Park, Sanibel Island, Sarasota, Siesta Key, and Venice, Florida.

ServiceMaster by Wright has always been available for many delicate human situations, crises, and disasters, including this Coronavirus outbreak. We want you to know that, while we hope it will not be necessary, ServiceMaster by Wright is qualified and equipped with the required protocols and processes should any pathogen outbreak occur within your facility or property.

If you need decontamination cleaning experts that have training and expertise, ServiceMaster by Wright certainly has always been there for those experiencing a trauma disaster. We offer Electrostatic Spray Delivery System, fogging and wiping all the frequently touched surfaces.

The COVID 19 Facility Reopening Guide

Our Decontamination, Sanitation, and Disposal Service Can be used in places such as:

  • Hospital
  • Schools, Colleges and Universities
  • Assisted Care Facilities
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Catering
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Transportation
  • Children Play center
  • Work and Office
  • Environments( Call Centre)
  • Commercial Kitchen
  • Veterinarians and Dentistry

How Does ServiceMaster by Wright Perform Decontamination?

To effectively get rid of infectious microbes and to prevent decontamination, we do the following:

Preventative Cleaning and Decontamination For Areas With No Confirmed Cases

ServiceMaster by Wright can help eliminate the risk of COVID 19 exposure for areas with no confirmed cases in residential and commercial properties: 

COVID-19 Emergency Response and Disinfection Service

Disinfection and Sanitization and Cleaning for Confirmed Coronavirus Exposure Situations

ServiceMaster by Wright relates to any facility that believes it has been imperiled to the COVID-19 virus or has a confirmed case of the coronavirus.
COVID-19 Emergency Response and Disinfection Service

How equipped is ServiceMaster by Wright?

ServiceMaster by Wright surely reduces the possibility of the instruments and equipment in your facility from being contaminated. This will help you greatly, as a decontaminated area is sure to bring positive results regarding the recovery of the patients in your facility.

COVID-19 Emergency Response and Disinfection Service
COVID-19 Emergency Response and Disinfection Service

COVID-19 Emergency Response and Disinfection Service

If you believe your facility may have been exposed to the Coronavirus, call  ServiceMaster by Wright immediately. There is evidence for other coronaviruses of the potential for widespread contamination of patient rooms or environments, so effective cleaning and decontamination are vital, and only the certified professionals can do that.

In addition to the direct cleaning and disinfection protocols, we utilize engineering controls and follow the CDC guidance on the proper use of air chambers and air scrubbing during the process.

What Do You Need To Know About Coronavirus/COVID-19? Check on the updated fact sheet, symptoms, prevention of COVID-19 by CDC at https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html

ServiceMaster by Wright ensures that product specifications are followed thereby providing the most effective decontamination possible. Call us today at 866-676-7761.  ServiceMaster by Wright services the Bonita Springs, Bradenton, Cape Coral, Englewood, Fort Myers, Longboat Key, Naples, Marco Island, Sarasota, Siesta Key, and Venice. If you are in Collier, Lee, Manatee or Sarasota Counties, we have you covered!

How to Protect Yourself from Covid-19

How to Protect Yourself from COVID-19 When Traveling

The COVID-19 pandemic will affect how we think and behave and affect even our travel plans in the near future and in the long term. ServiceMaster by Wright has the experience, knowledge, training, and national network to meet your needs on an ongoing basis. Disinfection goes beyond a standard cleaning service and requires specific protocols.

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