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Water Removal by ServiceMaster by Wright

in Bonita Springs, Bradenton, Cape Coral, Englewood, Fort Myers, Longboat Key, Naples, Marco Island, Sarasota, Siesta Key, and Venice

If you’ve come home to standing water, you need emergency water extraction services. Call now, you’ll speak to a live representative that can dispatch a crew immediately to begin extracting any water from your home or office!

Despite what you might think, getting water out of a property and ensuring it’s completely dry is never something you should do on your own. Should all of the excess moisture not be removed properly, the results can end up putting your health at risk. Whether it’s black mold or structural damage to the home, it’s simply not something you want to see happen. We specialize in providing emergency water extraction services and can have a crew at your home within 60 minutes to help get your property completely dry fast.

Water Extraction Process

Water extraction is the process by which water is removed from a structure, be it a residential home or a commercial or industrial building. Typically extracting water is necessary when some sort of appliance or item within a property has malfunctioned and created an overflow of standing water. Common culprits are refrigerators that leak, toilets that overflow, water heaters that malfunction, or pipes that burst. In some instances, sewage back-up can occur and cause your home or office to become flooded with dangerous wastewater.

Whether it’s a leak from a roof that causes water to enter the home, it’s extremely important that the water extraction process is begun immediately. Each hour that goes by means more damage is done to your home or office and any possessions within the property. If the water is extracted quickly enough, often times things such as carpet and furniture can be salvaged, greatly reducing the costs as well as the headaches involved with the water extraction process.