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Contents restoration can apply to a whole range of different items that may become damaged after a disaster such as water, flood, or fireContents restoration services are just as important as reconstruction in the rebuilding phase because they include everything housed within the four walls of a property.

If your home or business suffers water, sewagemold, or fire damage, the cleanup and restoration experts at ServiceMaster by Wright are the first choice for content restoration in Florida.  ServiceMaster by Wright specializes in the restoration of contents damaged by fire, water, or mold, and the pack out of those contents to our controlled climate storage facility. Our expertise can help you save money on your loss

Contents restoration and home damage restoration services include:

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Complete restoration of physical assets including:

Contents Restoration Process


ServiceMaster by Wright’s restoration facility store your items in a secure, climate-controlled environment. They remain there until the cleaning and restoration process is complete.

Cleaning and Restoration

ServiceMaster by Wright offers a comprehensive content restoration system designed to help return your items to pre-damage condition. ServiceMaster by Wright utilizes a wide variety of content cleaning equipment and processes. The equipment and processes used may include:

Content Restoration

After content cleaning and restoration, items are returned to the home or business using the same inventory procedures and documentation employed in the pack-out process. 

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Content cleaning and restoration is offered on select jobs and services performed. For more information and to that verify content cleaning and restoration services are offered in your area, contact  ServiceMaster by Wright at 239-431-9947.

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Call ServiceMaster by Wright, 24/7 on 239-431-9947and one of our certified contents restoration technicians will commence the restoration process immediately to minimize avoidable damage and escalating repair costs.