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Mold is the most common result of water or flood damage. It normally appears within the first couple days of a water damage event. It spreads rapidly and can become very difficult to remediate. The power of mold should never be ignored; homes, business and even entire complexes have been condemned and demolished for no other reason than out of control mold growth.

Mold should be handled the moment it is discovered in your home before it has the opportunity to spread and become a bigger disaster. The first step is to locate the source of the excess moisture and humidity and eliminate it. Excess moisture may be the result of a leaky roof, damaged pipes or problems with your air conditioning unit. Once humidity levels get beyond 50% then the prospect of the mold is increased.

Mold is found in everyday outdoor environments, where it serves as natures recycling agent, breaking down dead organic material. We breathe mold spores every day with no ill effects at all. We even may encounter mold in our homes on a regular basis, in laundry rooms showers or tubs. These molds usually do not cause a problem and are easily taken care of with over the counter cleaning supplies from the store.

The few mold spores we breathe in while outdoors are not dangerous, but inside you suddenly begin to encounter them in higher concentrations. Inhaling something designed to break down organic material means the risk for health problems just increased dramatically.

While not all mold inspections are dangerous, many of them can be into varying degrees. Most molds cause allergic reactions including coughing, watery eyes, sneezing, skin irritations and rashes. Some are more serious like Black Mold may cause respiratory and neurological disorders, lung cancer and in rare cases even death. If you suspect you have mold, you need to call us to set up an inspection immediately, don’t waste time.

Call 866-676-7761, our team will outline the process for mold inspection and remediation. We have the team and equipment to handle your mold issues in Collier, Lee, Manatee and Sarasota Counties. We have over 40 years of local experience to assist you with this disaster now.