Fire in Okeechobee, Florida

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ServiceMaster by Wright received a call from a church in Okeechobee, FL for fire damage. An electrical fire occurred in the air handler causing smoke to fill the entire church. One day, after the fire was over, the congregation was working hard to salvage and clean the classroom items where most of the smoke damage occurred.

ServiceMaster’s tore out all of the duct work, replaced units leading to all classrooms. All the duct work, vent covers, grills, walls, and light fixtures were cleaned. ServiceMaster by Wright deodorized by way of Ozone treatment through the entire building. ServiceMaster  by Wright finished by wiping down with an antimicrobial solution.

Important Tips to Keep in Mind Concerning Fire Damage Restoration

  • Probably the biggest tip after you receive fire damage to your home is that you need to stay as calm as possible. It’s psychologically draining to know that you have lost valuable and sentimental objects from your home. Not to mention that you realize that you or your family could have also lost your lives.
  • Don’t take on the task of trying to clean up after a fire. Even a small fire leaves layers of black soot on everything.
  • Although water damage might not look as bad, it can be dangerous, because of the mold and bacteria that can build up if they are not quickly and properly dried.
  • A fire restoration company will not be able to salvage heavily charred or burnt areas of your house although they can definitely save the parts of your house that have been affected by smoke damage and by scorching. Items and areas that have been extensively burnt or charred won’t be salvageable. However, smoke and water damaged areas can be returned to normal.
  • Generally, a good fire damage restoration company has good relationships with insurance companies. Their estimates are usually covered by insurance, which is another good reason to use their expertise.

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