How do you keep mold from not coming back?

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Have you ever asked yourself how and why are you seeing a dark spot in your wall that you recalled removing before? Has it come back again?

Molds are fungi that can be found practically anywhere in any environment. They thrive and multiply by spreading spores. Molds can and will come back in the same spot when the condition permits it. They are microscopic and often thrive in places we could not see and reach.

Preventive measures, like using mold-resistant paint, must be taken to eliminate the presence of mold. You should remove mold the instant you see or smell it. Watch out for warning signs like a musty odor, black spots or discoloration, or water stains.

Even if you use bleach or other cleaning products, mold will grow again when you don’t do the following to prevent it from coming back:

First, reduce the moisture level. 

Damp places are the most conducive places to mold survival and proliferation. A damp basement, leaky roof or plumbing, humidifiers, poorly ventilated rooms and/or wet clothes, and incidents of flooding are the most common sources of moisture. However, moisture buildup can be prevented by fixing leaky roofs, windows, walls, pipes, and faucets; letting fabrics dry properly (drying them outdoors is ideal); using a dehumidifier; maintaining good ventilation, especially in the kitchen, laundry areas, and bathrooms; and drying flooded or wet areas within one to two days.

Second, use the proper cleaner. 

Check your local cleaning supply store for cleaners designed to kill mold spores. There are even natural cleaners that are not harmful to your health. Spray the area carefully and thoroughly.

Third, get rid of objects that cannot be dried out. 

While some objects may be cleaned from mold, other objects like wood pose a challenge in removing mold. When these objects will possibly promote the growth of mold in your home, throw them out because mold will still thrive on them.

Lastly, call in the professionals. 

Mold must be removed as soon as possible. When you have already tried the above-listed remedies but still see mold coming back, it is time to have experts do it for you. Professional help is still better than doing it yourself because the problem might worsen if you don’t know how to perform remediation properly. Getting mold out thoroughly and making sure it doesn’t come back is a job for the professionals of ServiceMaster by Wright.

ServiceMaster by Wright is equipped with the tools, training, and expertise to locate and remove mold, even black mold. Our mold remediation specialists will inspect the area, detect the presence of mold, repair the damage and thoroughly clean the affected surface. We even have 24/7 Emergency Services available with a fast response time. Our mold removal services use top-of-the-line products, updated knowledge, and excellent skills to guarantee the best results for your home. It will all be for an affordable cost.

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