How Fast Can Mold Grow?

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A regular question that is becoming more and more popular.

“How fast can Mold grow?”

Mold can be harmful to our health, it grows on organic material behind walls and in ceiling spaces, under carpets and below floor boards, typically growing unnoticed and without restraint. Unfortunately, most molds grow at temperatures that humans prefer, making our home or business the perfect place for them to prosper. So how fast is Mold growing? Mold grows fast. Mold can grow within 24 hours.

What will influence the speed of mold growth?
o Air flow
o Humidity
o Temperature
o Organic material

If mold is clearly noticeable then it is growing and will reproduce by releasing spores that settle in surrounding area or close by if allowed to aerate. Other common questions: Can it still grow in the wintertime? If I can’t see mold, does it still grow?

Mold can grow safely in our refrigerator at temperatures below 4 degrees Celsius, we’ve all seen this happen. So the assumption that mold doesn’t grow in the cold weather (winter time) is certainly fictitious. It is agreed in the wider scientific community that common household mold will not grow outdoors at -15 degrees Celsius.

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