Statistics Show Mold is the Biggest Threat to Air Quality

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50% of all illnesses in the United States were generated from a crucial root – poor air quality.

This has been considered a serious growing problem not only in the US but worldwide. The homes which were affected by the mold prevalence have once considered this as a minor issue. However, it has been the utmost cause of morbidity and mortality across all countries. In fact, about 1.5 million people die each year due to the widespread presence of dampness which is again linked to the spread of molds in the air we breathe.

A contaminated air generated by molds has brought about a worldwide impactful death as reported by the WHO in 2009, published in the Guidelines of Indoor Quality. It clearly affirms that the microbial pollution originating from the dampness and molds can be a significant element of indoor air pollution.

On that note, molds present in the air detrimentally impacts people’s health by worsening asthma and allergic reactions. Since molds are considered fungi that come in diverse forms such as mildews, puffballs, mushrooms, and yeast, they exist all over the place. Without even knowing it, one might have persistently breathed the contaminated air.

An indoor air polluted by infectious molds has undeniably become an obstacle especially in the US. With its existence, entails the human suffering and a downside economy as well. As this has immensely affected the air-quality, home-owners have had ample rationale to get rid of the unwanted mold growth.

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