Can Mold Grow inside Water Pipes? Find Answers Here.

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Mold is a common nuisance in homes and buildings and can find a spot to grow where there is moisture and food. It thrives in dark, damp places indoors, such as basements, attics, and bathrooms, and can grow in as little as 24 to 48 hours after a water damage event.

One of the places that are suitable for mold development, which homeowners may overlook, is plumbing. Given its often wet nature and its location, plumbing serves as a perfect hiding place for mold. However, since pipework is mostly hidden and hard to access, it may be difficult to detect the presence of mold without a professional‘s help. ServiceMaster by Wright discusses possible mold inside pipes and what treatment is necessary for its removal.

Factors that Influence Mold Growth

Can Mold Grow Inside Water Pipes?

Immediately attending to broken pipes can help in many ways, as it would lessen the spread of the contaminating mold around your place. Nobody would ever want a specific area at home to gradually get weakened by a multiplying mold. Over time, it can surely damage the condition of certain structures in a home or a building.

How to Prevent Mold From Invading Your Home

What to Do If Pipe Mold is Found

After having identified the development of mold inside your water pipe, it’s best to call an immediate expert in the field of mold inspection and remediation. Mold can effortlessly attach itself to things such as bags, clothes, shoes, and pets, and gradually take a toll on your health if not removed immediately.

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