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Upholstery Cleaning in Florida

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Upholstered furnishings can soil quickly. But what about the dirt you can’t see? Upholstery collects contaminants such as dead skin cells, oils, and dust that are invisible to the naked eye. Removing invisible contaminants can’t be done with just a vacuum. At ServiceMaster by Wright, we provide professional upholstery cleaning that’s safe for most kinds of fabrics and removes stains and spots. We’ll refresh and revitalize dirty, stained couches, love seats and chairs with in-home furniture upholstery cleaning using proven methods and equipment.

Many upholstered pieces of furniture feature darker or patterned fabrics making it easy for dirt and oils to go unnoticed. Oils, in particular, can cause fabrics to degrade over time if they’re not removed properly. Our experts eliminate the guesswork and help you avoid damaging your upholstery. Through professional evaluation, we select the correct cleaning system for various fabric types and soil conditions.

Upholstery Cleaning Process

Our Upholstery Cleaning process will have your furniture left sparkling clean and dry in 4 to 6 hours. Not the 1-2 days you may have experienced with other carpet cleaning methods like steam cleaning. Our secret is that we use the power carbonating cleaning solutions. They are so effective that we only need to use a small amount of moisture to achieve miraculous clean upholstery. In fact, we only need to use approximately one-fifth to one-tenth of the moisture that steam cleaners use. We don’t need soaps, detergents, or harsh chemicals when we carry out upholstery cleaning to accomplish our great cleaning results because we’ve got the power of crystal clear carbonating bubbles.

Here’s why you can trust ServiceMaster by Wright to do a better job:

Our methods are safe for all kinds of upholstery and fabrics and can help:

Why Choose ServiceMaster by Wright?

ServiceMaster by Wright’s upholstery cleaning services will keep your furniture looking its best. Dust, stains, daily wear, tear, and germs are just going to happen. Professional upholstery cleaning will tackle that grime and refresh your furniture or draperies. Reduce allergens, dust mites, pet dander, even pollen and mold with professional upholstery cleaning services in your home or business with ServiceMaster by Wright. Your furniture will look better, last longer and smell fresh.

We have the right cleaning system and equipment to give you a comprehensive cleaning. We vacuum, spot treat and use the most current cleaning methods combined with the most modern equipment.

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