Home Disinfecting: How To Keep Your Bedroom Clean

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During this pandemic, a lot has been going on lately. You are probably worried about how you would keep your home safe and clean. While everyone’s clamoring on the safety measures to do outside when going out, we should also think of measures on safety measures to take inside our home. 

With professional sanitizing services, you can be at peace in the comfort of your home. Read on for the facts you need to know about ServiceMaster by Wright’s professional cleaning service for your bedroom. 

Why Do We Need to Disinfect our Bedroom?

One of these safety measures that we should take is making sure that our living spaces are disinfected. One of the most important places inside our home is our bedroom. Our bedroom is where we sleep and take a rest. This is the place where we probably feel the safest. But with the Coronavirus-19 lurking, it’s better to be safe than sorry. We must also think of disinfecting our bedroom as well. 

Disinfecting goes beyond regular cleaning because it kills disease-causing microorganisms like bacteria, fungi, and viruses. The bedroom should be disinfected weekly or monthly, as necessary. If the bedroom is being used as a sick-room, then it should be disinfected more often.

Where Should We Start Disinfecting?

Let’s start with the basics: sheets, comforters, pillowcases, and surfaces.

According to a poll by the National Sleep Foundation, 91 percent of people change their sheets every other week. This goes with your comforter and pillowcases as well. Although this is a common rule of thumb, however, many experts recommend weekly washings.

This is because your sheets can accumulate a lot of stuff you can’t see: thousands of dead skin cells, dust mites, and an accumulated number of these things can be a nest for germs. Not washing your sheets regularly exposes you to the fungi, bacteria, pollen, and animal dander (if you have pets) that are commonly found on sheets and other bedding.

How to disinfect your sheets, comforters, and pillowcases? First, remove the pillows and sheets from the bed. Wash sheets and pillowcases in hot water. Hot water can dispel germs and viruses. After washing and drying, you can also iron them out. 

Most of us wash our pillowcases, sheets, and beddings, but often we neglect washing our pillows. The accumulation of dust mites is a health concern, causing physical reactions that imitate allergies. That’s why we must wash our pillows regularly. 

Aim to clean your pillow every six months or quarterly if you have allergies. Feather down pillows or foam pillows should be hand washed with warm, soapy water. Allow to air dry, preferably outdoors under the heat of the sun.

To reduce the spread of COVID-19, we must disinfect any surfaces that we often touch inside our bedroom. Pay special attention to the nightstand and dresser tops since this is where we usually put our things down before sleeping. 

Sanitize these surfaces once a week with disinfecting wipes or a disinfecting cleaner. Do it more often if someone in your family is sick or if you have guests.

These are challenging times, so we must do everything to keep our family safe from COVID-19. Although yes, it’s a pain to disinfect and clean all the time, we must do this. But don’t worry. You also have the option to seek help from a professional cleaning company to take this burden off of you. ServiceMaster by Wright has the experience, knowledge, training, and national network to meet your cleaning and sanitizing needs on an ongoing basis.

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