How Bad Is Water Damage To You And Your House?

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Are you experiencing water damage issues? Do you know how bad water damage to you and your home in Port Charlotte is?  

Water damage in Port Charlotte can cause a variety of issues not only with furniture but also with the interior of your house. So, we are here to explain all the effects water damage can have on your property. A burst pipe, a slow leak, or a major flood can cause water damage. There are also plenty of ways water damage can happen and negatively affect your house.  

The damage it can do to your furniture can be irreversible in your home in Port Charlotte. Your rugs can be discolored. Your wood flooring wraps, the drywall starts to lump, and a lot of other issues evolve. Some of these issues are not visible at first look and can cause mold and mildew to build up on the interior of your house. This can be harmful because inhaling these fumes can cause breathing issues. If you ignore this issue for too long, it can lead to serious lifelong health issues.       

Effects of water damage in your home:

Excess water can damage anything in its route. Water from overflowed toilets, bathtubs, or leaks can damage your property. Even it is still possible they can negatively affect your house and cause irreversible damage after you clean it up. Water like this can get below floorboards and seek deep into the interior of your property.    

Eventually, if unaddressed, the fungi or mold can grow, which will cause major health issues. If you spend too long in the affected area, this mold can mess up your respiratory system.  

After a flood or leak, the visible damage in your home is almost immediate. For example,

  • Your rugs start to change color.
  • Your floors start to warp and become uneven and brittle.
  • Your furniture starts to change color. If you leave your wooden furniture in that state for too long, it will swell up and warp. 
  • The leaked fluids will destroy your drywall and your insulation. 
  • When water seeps into the walls of your home, it will change the look of your walls.   
  • The excess water can make your home structurally unsound. 
  • This can lead to a variety of health issues. 

You must clean the area well after a leak or a flood in your home. You must ensure you don’t miss anything to avoid issues and problems. 

Health Issues From Water Damage 

Here at ServiceMaster by Wright, we want to tell you that having mold in your home for long periods can lead to plenty of health issues. Even if it is not allergy season, you will see a dramatic increase in symptoms if anyone in your home has allergies. The health symptoms include coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, respiratory infections, or rashes on the skin.  

If they are left unaddressed, these can also lead to more serious health issues. So, just hire professional Port Charlotte water damage Restoration Company if you notice your home has a water damage issue. 

The Bottom Line:

If you have any questions about water damage or water damage restoration, feel free to contact ServiceMaster by Wright. By offering high-quality restoration services, we make sure that your house is free from water damage and that you don’t have any risk in your home.