Home Disinfecting: How to Keep Your Bathrooms Clean

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Since you rely on your bathroom to keep your body clean, it’s fair to say that it should be the cleanest room in your house, don’t you agree? Being exposed to water and moist, it can be a nest for mold growth. With the recent pandemic as well, we have to take extra time to disinfect and sanitize our bathrooms.

professional sanitizing service can help you thoroughly clean your bathroom. However, you may also need to look into cleaning your bathroom yourself, so we’ve prepared a couple of tips on how to do it. Let’s take a look at how to disinfect and sanitize your bathroom.

Disinfect Toilets

Your toilet and toilet seat may contain many germs as this is the place where we drop all our body waste. So if there’s a place that needs to be always clean, this is it. You have to keep your family safe. 

For the disinfection, this only takes several minutes. You will need a toilet bowl cleaning liquid and a toilet brush. First, you need to apply the product and let it sit for several minutes. Letting it do its job. Then, you scrub the inside of the toilet bowl using the toilet brush. 

When it comes to cleaning the toilet seat and the lid, be careful when choosing the product since some can make the plastic parts go yellow.

Disinfect Sinks

Not only is your bathroom sink one of the first places to show gunk and grime. It can also have hair strand and grime buildup if not cleaned regularly. This can harbor tons of germs if left uncared of.

So, how to disinfect your sink? Prepare a cleaning solution beforehand. Using a cloth or a sponge, dip it to the cleaning solution and scrub your sink including the sink faucet. This will kill possible bacteria on the surfaces. After a couple of minutes, rinse the solution properly with cleaning water. Wipe dry afterward.

Disinfect Tub

There’s no room for mildew and mold — especially in the place you rely on for clean hygiene. Your tub can be a place where mold can thrive since it’s always wet and moist. 

How to disinfect your tub? Spray your tub with an all-purpose bathroom cleaning solution. Choose the one that’s safe for you and your family. If there are tough grime and stains, you can use a stronger solution, as long as you wear a protective mask to avoid inhaling dangerous vapors.

Disinfect Bathroom Floor

Disinfecting your bathroom floor is extremely important if you have children or family members with a suppressed immune system in your household. 

Using your mop, submerge it into the bucket of cleaning solution, squeeze out excess water, then clean the bathroom floor. Once dry, replace the trashcan and your freshly laundered rugs as well. 

Other Safety Tips

Keep your eyes and the entire face protected at all times since many cleaning products can burn your skin and cause serious damage to your eyesight.

The COVID-19 pandemic will affect how we think and behave, that’s why we have to think of our and our family’s safety at these times. ServiceMaster by Wright has the experience, knowledge, training, and national network to meet your needs on an ongoing basis. Disinfection goes beyond a standard cleaning service and requires specific protocols. 

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