Water & Mold Restoration in Cape Coral, FL

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Servicemaster by Wright was called to a home in Cape Coral, FL that was flooded when the water line to the hot water tank broke. The water had been stagnant for 7 days prior to Servicemaster getting the call which caused mold to set in and was 4–6 feet up the walls. Servicemaster went in and extracted the water from the laundry room, living room, den, kitchen, office, bathroom, foyer and garage. Servicemaster set up dehumidifiers to get the moisture out of the home which contained mold problem. They removed drywall, cabinets, and floors. After the removal, the next step was remediation that includes sanding 1/32” of wood to remove the mold spore. After this was complete, a growth inhibitor was then painted on the affected areas. The whole residence was then cleaned with a hepa vacuum and wiped down with an antimicrobial solution. Servicemaster was starting the reconstruction of the home which includes hanging drywall, installing floors, cabinets and etc to get the home back to where it was before the water and mold damage.

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