Tornado Cleanup in Naples, FL

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On Friday, April 6, 2012 around 10:30am, a waterspout came ashore as a small tornado in Naples, FL, on the 1900 block of Gulf Shore Blvd. The tornado tossed furniture into pools, broke windows, snapped tree trunks, ripped tiles off of roofs, and lifted sliding glass doors off their tracks. The EF0 tornado had maximum winds at 65-80 mph range, according to the National Weather Service. The damage was in an area of approximately 2 square miles, officials said.

ServiceMaster Restorations was called to seven condo units that had damage from the tornado. Some of the condo units had some water come into them, others condo units had broken glass from the sliding doors on the lanai being blown in and had more severe water damage. ServiceMaster went in extracted the water and dried out the condos with dehumidifiers and air movers. ServiceMaster lifted the carpet, removed carpet padding, sprayed antimicrobial solution, put down new carpet padding and re-tacked carpeting back down. ServiceMaster’s construction department is currently working with some of the unit owners to get their condo units back to where they were before the tornado.

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