Common Causes of Flooding Toilets

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Flooding toilets are an unwelcomed sight for any home or business owner. Aside from potential health concerns, there is also the trouble of an increasing water bill.

Toilet overflows usually require professional intervention, as the water involved may be harmful and the damage sustained widespread. Before responding to the situation, it is important to understand the common causes of toilet flooding and how to prevent them.

What Causes a Toilet Overflow?

Toilets and their corresponding sewer systems operate on the principle of gravity to remove sewage. Overflows and flooding occur when something prevents this system from working properly.


A clog in the system is preventing sewage from being flushed.

Damage in the Water Line

Broken water pipes can cause a massive amount of water to flood the bathroom, which could escalate in a matter of moments if the shutoff valve is not closed in time.

Damage in the Sewer Line

A blocked, broken or cracked sewer line will not allow sewage to drain properly. When this happens, sewage backs up the sewer line and re-enters the property through the lowest possible point, which is most often a basement toilet.

Shower Leak

Leaks can form if a shower’s foundation is compromised. These leaks can flood a bathroom, cause mold growth and result in seepage in the subfloor.

Defects in the Plumbing

Toilets can overflow if there are defects in the plumbing system, such as a stuck flush handle or a tank float mechanism not working properly.

If your toilet runs constantly, this typically indicates a malfunction in the toilet tank's internal components.

Fortunately, these problems can be easy to diagnose and solve. ServiceMaster Restore has some tips below.

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