Humidity And Water Damage In Cape Coral!

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When people think about water damage, they tend to focus on things like leaky pipes, overflowing sinks, and wrecked appliances. There is another threat that is always available but impossible to see. That threat is indoor humidity. High indoor humidity levels can cause significant water damage over time, available in many ways.  

Whatever the reason, you must always be ready to fix the issues. And in order to fix the issue efficiently, you need to hire professional services for water damage in Cape Coral

Water Damage Restoration in Cape Coral

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Here are some ways indoor humidity can cause water damage in your home, per the water damage restoration professionals. Let’s have a look:


When it comes to indoor humidity, the main thing you need to worry about is mold growth. It is available in all our homes and the air we breathe every day. But high indoor humidity levels can make mold grow out of control and become dangerous. The bathroom and basement are the breeding grounds for mold. It won’t take long before mold grows and spreads if moisture levels remain too high in these areas without you regularly cleaning them and wiping down surfaces. 

Always use the fan in your bathroom and invest your money in purchasing a dehumidifier for your basement. These things will help keep moisture at a minimum and keep these areas of your home safe from mold and water damage.  

Structural Damage

Unexpectedly, the issue is not always a concern with high indoor humidity levels. Low indoor humidity can also cause issues, particularly with the structure of your home. Low indoor humidity is known to damage furniture and other building materials. It can also cause cracks to develop in your floor and framing. 

Higher Energy Bill

High indoor humidity is also a big reason for higher energy bills. In order to keep the moisture at a minimum, you may need a dehumidifier. While this can be a relatively high one-time cost, it is well worth the money. In addition to this, high humidity levels will cause your home to feel muggy and hot. In this case, you will want to switch on the AC, which will increase your electric bill every month.    

Health Issues

Whether it is low indoor humidity or high, both can have negative impacts on your health. If we talk about high humidity levels can lead to health issues by allowing mold growth to occur. On the other hand, the low humidity level can worsen symptoms for those with asthma or allergies that can cause viruses to spread more quickly.  

Wrap Up:

Don’t let something as easy as indoor humidity lead to water damage in your home. You will be able to prevent this from happening as you follow the advice above. On the other hand, if your home does suffer from Cape Coral water damage for any reason, give us a call for help without any hesitation.