How Does Water Damage Start and How Can it Be Prevented?

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According to industry reports, home water damage emergencies affect 14,000 people daily, with an annual total cost of $20 billion nationwide. In addition, emergency water damage leads to the most expensive home repairs.

Water damage can start in your basement, kitchen, bathroom, and anywhere in your house or establishment. In order to prevent losses and costly repairs, it is important to prevent water damage from happening. ServiceMaster by Wright discusses the basic facts about water damage and how it can be avoided.

Causes of Water Damage

Water damage can be a result of many events, but these are the most common:

Categories of Water Damage

Clean Water

Category 1: Clean Water

Grey Water

Category 2: Grey Water

Black Water

Category 3: Black Water

Classes of Water Damage

When performing water damage restoration, the class of the water damage is determined to choose the most suitable repair option.

How to Prevent Water Damage?

Clean roof gutters

Don't plant near pipelines

Check water bill

Inspect appliances regularly

Make an Appointment With Water Damage Restoration Technicians

Follow the steps above to prevent water damage. When disaster strikes, call ServiceMaster by Wright at (239) 431-9947 for a FREE quote. You may also connect with us online to schedule an appointment.

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