Fort Myers Pipes Burst

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ServiceMaster Restorations was called to Fort Myers, which had water damage due to a sprinkler system pipe bursting in one of the condo units. The rooms affected in the condo where the pipe burst were foyer, living room, two bedrooms, den, kitchen, two bathrooms, laundry room, two closets and hallway. The other four condo units had some or all of the same rooms affected. Some of the other four condo units were affected worse than others. ServiceMaster dispatched a crew right away and extracted the water from the affected five condo units. There was no power to the five condo units and ServiceMaster set up their own gas powered generator in order to run the equipment needed to dry out the five units. In order to dry out the five affected condo units, ServiceMaster set up dehumidifiers and air movers in each of the affected condos. The flooring in the five condo units was both tile and carpet. The , one the units were dry, the carpet padding would be replaced and the carpet reattached. ServiceMaster removed some of the baseboard to help with the drying of the drywall and to make sure that mold did not grow behind the baseboards. Once the units were finished drying out, the baseboards would then be reattached.