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Mold, if left unaddressed the risk for structural damage and health issues increases. ServiceMaster by Wright provides mold inspection and mold removal services in Fort Myers Our professionals locate and remove mold with our advanced equipment and techniques and restore affected areas and materials.

Our  IICRC trained technicians at ServiceMaster by Wright are equipped with the best equipment and cleaning products to remove the mold from your property in Fort Myers, FL. Afterward, we will repair or replace all materials and personal belongings damaged by mold.

Our mold removal technicians will:

ServiceMaster by Wright Mold Remediation in Fort Myers, FL

Let's Get To Know More About Mold

Mold growth is a serious issue for homeowners and business owners in Fort Myers, FL because it can trigger health problems and cause structural damage to the building. Mold growth is most common in moist areas with a viable food source, such as wood and drywall. Cellulose is mold’s main food source and mold will continue to eat away at the affected surfaces and materials, leading to structural damage. 

Common Source of Mold:

What are the symptoms and effects of mold exposure?

Allergy and irritation are the most common symptoms of mold exposure. Less common effects of mold exposure include infections and illness. Serious infections from molds are relatively rare and occur mainly in people with severely suppressed immune systems. Illness has been reported from workplace exposures to mold. Although symptoms can vary, the most common symptoms seen in people exposed to mold indoors include:

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Don’t hesitate to call ServiceMaster by Wright if you discover mold growing on your property. Acting quickly will prevent further damage to your property and your health.

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