5 Different Types of Floods and Where They Occur

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Flooding does not come as a surprise to most Floridians, since the state of Florida is surrounded by water. However normal an event flooding is, it isn’t always straightforward. Flooding comes in different types, and each type can cause a different kind of damage on a property. Fortunately, there are companies like ServiceMaster by Wright of Florida who can professionally bring back a flooded home to pre-damage condition.

While home and business owners can easily secure the services of professionals for flood damage restoration, it is still important to know about the different types of floods that can affect your property. Preparation is key to surviving disasters and keeping people safe; read about the five different types of floods below.

5 Different Types of Floods

Coastal flooding

This is a type of flood formed by the accumulation of water on land caused by heavy rainfall, storm surge, tides, or waves. Coastal flooding is expected to rise due to climate change, especially in areas close to the ocean, such as Florida. Consequences of coastal flooding include drownings; injuries; water-borne illnesses, especially from contaminated water; and mental health problems from the stress and injuries brought by flooding. Coastal flooding could also cause mold damage, which in turn could cause respiratory illnesses. Coastal flooding comes in three levels: (1) minor, with low likelihood of property damage and threat to life, (2) moderate, with an elevated likelihood of property damage and could possibly be life-threatening, and (3) major, with a significant likelihood of property damage and can be seriously life-threatening.

River flooding

This type of flooding happens when water overflows or rises over the top of riverbanks, which could occur regardless of the size of the river or stream. River flooding can be caused by heavy rainfall, storms and thunderstorms that last for a long time, snowmelt, or ice jams. Major property damages can occur if a dam or dike breaks, even if river floods can be predicted beforehand.

Flash flooding

Flash flooding is caused by extreme thunderstorms, tropical storms, and hurricanes, which often begins within 6 hours after heavy rainfall begins. Factors that could contribute to the severity of a flash flood include the intensity and location of the rainfall, the landscape, and the soil type and condition. Urban areas are more prone to flash floods compared to suburban or rural areas. The main danger of flash floods is their quick occurrence, leaving very little time for preparation. They can be powerful enough to uproot trees, move boulders, destroy infrastructure, trigger mudslides, and can cause significant structural damage.

Groundwater flooding

This occurs when significant rain causes water from inundated drainage systems to overflow into the streets and nearby properties, occurring in both rural and urban areas. Groundwater flooding may continue for weeks or months until the soil can absorb the water, which could be troublesome for homeowners. They can lead to damage to structure and long-term effects such as mold damage.

Sewage flooding

Sewage flooding happens when sewers or sewage systems are overwhelmed by unexpected heavy rainfall and release untreated sewage into bodies of water. This can leak or come up through toilets, showers, or sinks. Sewage flooding is very hazardous because it involves contaminated water with harmful bacteria and chemicals that may cause infections, diarrhea, vomiting, fever and other illnesses. Sewage flooding can best be removed by professional cleaners such as ServiceMaster by Wright.

Flood Damage Restoration?

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