Water Damage & Flood Damage: Is There Any Difference?

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In case of water damage, it is imperative to displace things that come in contact with water. This list includes floors, walls, other structural components of the home, and personal possessions. The removal of flooring and drywall are common occurrences in case of water damage, followed by drying everything completely by using dehumidifiers. Only after dehumidifying does the rebuild process begin.

This is a water damage restoration process in brief. But does it clear out the difference between water damage and flood damage? And why does understanding the difference matter? This post answers every question.

Laypeople often use these two terms interchangeably, which is a big error if we go into technicalities. The difference isn’t a big thing when we talk about it in general but understanding the concept is more helpful in understanding the insurance coverage in both cases. Because we believe you don’t want to claim for water damage when, in actuality, there is flood damage in Sarasota, or do you?

The Big Difference

Insurance companies and repair coverages see the water and flood damage quite differently. Get to know how:

  • Water damage is typically triggered by plumbing issues like backup from sewage, toilet, a flooded AC unit, or simply an overflowed washing machine.
  • Flood damage results from water springing from natural disasters like hurricanes or heavy rain. The instance might include flash-flooding, sump-pump failure, and extended roof leaks.

What is water damage?

Any plumbing issue from a burst pipe or impaired draining from a toilet, refrigerator, washing machine, or even HVAC system can be counted under water damage. The severity of the damage depends on the leak location and the length at which it remained unnoticed or avoided. For instance, the water on a second floor or an attic often impacts the floors under it.

Heavy rains that result in water damage, without causing substantial property loss, is considered as water damage. For instance, roof damage due to heavy downpouring might leak into the hose but won’t be considered flood damage but water damage. The main difference lies in the event that caused the damage; in this case, it is a storm.

What is flood damage?

This damage is relatively harder to understand and explain. In the simplest terms, flood damage results directly from a flooding event. For instance, a prolonged rain that leads to a flooding event or a flash flood would be counted as flood damage. Or flooding can occur during natural disasters like a hurricane that generates heavy rainfall in a comparatively shorter period. Another reason behind the flood damage is a faulty slope for stormwater runoff around your home or an overflowing rain or storm control basin near your home.

Does the homeowner’s insurance cover both water damage and flood damage?

It is a common misconception that flood damage is covered under homeowner’s insurance, but that’s not the case. While the policy may cover water damages, it doesn’t include expenses related to a flood occurrence. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the fine line that differentiates flood damage and water damage. 

Homeowners should have separate flood insurance to cover damage caused by severe weather events. It is essential if you live in a high-risk flood area.

Final Words

We hope you can now tell the fundamental difference between water damage and flood damage in Sarasota or worldwide. If you are left with doubt or query, contact our team for a thorough consultation. Besides, if you have been a recent water or flood damage victim, you can hire us to get a professional water damage restoration service.

Disclaimer: The information shared above is for illustrative purposes only. Please refer to the policy wordings and prospects before taking one for more details.