Everything You Need To Know About Covid-19 Decontamination Services

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We’ve come a long way since the outbreak of Coronavirus in 2019. Now you must be thinking, is it still out there? Do we still have to take precautionary measures? To answer that question, you should simply take a look at what India and the UK had gone through. According to the statistics, both regions witnessed a constant rise in positive cases, and at that point, it seemed like those numbers won’t be slowing down. 

Services for Covid-19 decontamination in Fort Myers are always on standby 24/7; all you have to do is ask for it. Though the situation in America seems under control, it’s only a matter of time before things will end up going south. If an incident of that magnitude ever makes an appearance, you must contact companies like Service Master Restorations which take pride in offering top-notch Covid-19 decontamination services.

How Does Covid-19 Decontamination Work?

Almost every decontamination company follows the same cleaning procedure, which is enlisted below for your better understanding. 

  • On the visit, the cleaning team will establish a safe working area. 
  • Before entering your property, the team will equip themselves with the necessary PPE kit. 
  • Upon arrival, they’ll prepare the area for disinfecting by removing dirt and dust off of surfaces. 
  • The cleaning process will begin with applying EPA-approved disinfectant via spray bottles or atomizers. 
  • Once the cleaning is done, a light layer of Isopropyl alcohol is applied to non-porous surfaces. 

 Benefits of Choosing Decontamination/Sanitization Services

  • Top-Notch Decontamination

What makes these services the best and most appropriate is their process. The kind of cleaners used in decontamination is leagues above household detergents, and Decontamination technicians/professionals use a highly effective electrostatic spray for disinfection.

  • They are ideal for businesses.

The health and safety of your employees matter the most. Proper Covid-19 sanitation in Florida can prevent the spread of covid-19. In order to maximize your company’s productivity, employees need to feel safe no matter what, and that’s probably the only way to make profits. 

  • Your safety matters the most. 

No matter which company you choose, it’ll operate with a team of professional cleaners. Before Covid-19, they were here, cleaning hospitals and disinfecting possible outbreaks. The point is they know their job, and they’ll do their best to give your safety the priority tag that it deserves. 

Choose ServiceMaster for Decontamination Now!

Professionals at ServiceMaster by Wright are well-versed in every possible aspect of sanitization. They are highly trained in properly using personal protective equipment, including full-face respirators. You can call us for decontamination in places such as: 

  • Hospital
  • Schools, colleges, and universities
  • Assisted care facilities 
  • And hospitality industry

Final Thoughts

That’s everything you need to know about Covid-19 decontamination in Fort Myers. These services are meant to make you feel safer and certain about what’s going on around you.