A Detailed Guide on Fire Damage Restoration Services

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Seeing the house burning down in ashes is a devastating experience, and the thought of restoring the same property can be an overwhelming experience. After the fire department cools down the blaze, restoring the property is mainly dependent on the restoration professionals. 

So, to help one get a closer look at how fire damage restoration cape coral from ServiceMaster Restore works, one can check out the details to get a clear idea about the recovery and cleanup process of the professionals. 

What exactly does fire damage restoration mean? 

Fire damage restoration is the procedure for restoring the property damaged with fire and smoke. These procedures can take weeks or months, depending on the level of damage. The fire restoration might even include the demolition and reconstruction of the property, cleanup, and removal of other disturbed hazards.

And to help people get a clear idea, here is a closer look at how the fire restoration process works. 

How is the fire restoration process performed by ServiceMaster Restore professionals? 

With the fire restoration process being challenging and critical, one must hire a professional for the restoration process. However, one who picks ServiceMaster Restore professionals for fire damage restoration cape coral, the restoration procedure will be carried out in this way. 

1) Assessing the damage

After the property is safe to enter, the professionals will assess the area and determine the source of the fire. Further, the professionals check how far the flames and smoke entered the property and how extensive cleanup is required. 

By performing this step, the professionals get a better idea of the scope of the work and how long the restoration process might take. 

2) Securing the property for debris removal

After assessing the damaged property, the hired professionals will secure the property. This step includes fencing around the property, sealing off the roof to protect the weather conditions. If certain parts of the property were not affected, professionals would seal the area to avoid cross-contamination. 

3) Prevent water damage 

If there is water damage, then the professionals will dry out the property and remove the water. The damaged drywall or flooring will be removed if necessary. However, during this stage, the roof traps will get maintained to avoid further water damage. 

4) Smoke removal and cleanup 

  • The professional hired perform the cleanup process, which requires a lot of manual labor to clean the soot and smoke from the interior and exterior of the property. 
  • After the cleanup process, the property is deodorized to remove the smoke odors.
  • And in case water restoration is performed, there will be sanitization and application of antimicrobial chemicals to prevent mold growth. 
  • The contents of the property for restoration are packed separately. 

5) Restoration of the property 

The final step of the restoration process includes repairing and constructing the damaged areas of the property. This step includes replacing and painting the drywall, rebuilding, replacing the flooring materials, and more. 

So, this is how the professionals perform the restoration process. Hence, while searching for the best fire and smoke damage repair cape coral, consult the ServiceMaster Restore professionals. 

Why should one seek restoration services from professionals? 

People who are unsure whether they should hire professionals for the restoration process can check out the list of some of the reasons why seeking assistance from their professionals is considered best. 

  • They are a licensed restoration company.
  • The professionals have experience in handling complex projects.
  • Experience in dealing with insurance companies to process claims.
  • Can easily manage projects that require demolition and installation


With fire damage being the worst type of destruction, every restoration procedure and time differs. Hence, reaching out to the professional that provides the best restoration service is essential.

So, people whose property has suffered fire damage, and you are looking for fire and smoke damage repair cape coral. In such situations, one can seek professional assistance from ServiceMaster by wright and restoring the damaged property in time.