How to Make your Carpet Look New and Fresh for the Holiday

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Not everyone has time to clean their carpets especially this holiday season. Maybe you feel like there is more work to keeping your home tidy than you can manage to prepare for Holiday guests or you would simply prefer professionals do it to get the best results. Whatever the reason, we’re the ones to call for residential carpet cleaning services if you’re in Southwest Florida and nearby counties.

ServiceMaster by Wright is able to handle South Florida houses of any type & size. For larger houses and commercial buildings, our crew will get the job done on time and with great results. We want you to be happy with the way your house looks this holiday season, so if there is something custom we’ll consult with you first about what kind of work you want to be done and how you want your home cleaned up.

To help you deal with the cleaning job this Holiday Season, here are the ways to make your carpet look new and fresh for the Holiday.

First, get a lint roller, and run it over your couches and chairs a few times. This will keep hair and dust from transferring to your carpet once you’ve cleaned it.  ServiceMaster by Wright offers upholstery cleaning services.

Second, to ensure clean carpets for the holidays, you have to vacuum! We know, that’s not at all exciting, but it is necessary. Frequent vacuuming sessions help your carpet last longer. It will also make sure there is not too much dust, dirt, hair, food and all the other gunk that can build up and begin to cut and rip carpet fibers. ServiceMaster by Wright offers a scheduled maintenance cleaning program to fit your home or business.

Third, get some doormats. Get one for outside of your home, and if your carpeting inside goes all the way up to the exterior door, then get a mat for inside as well.

Fourth, give extra care to areas of the home with high traffic. By high traffic, we mean any place where people frequently sit or move their feet in your home. In these areas, do crisscross passes that overlap each other with your vacuum.

These simple tips will help keep your carpet clean and guests impressed during the upcoming holiday season.

While cleaning your own carpets can keep them looking decent for a time, professional cleaning is required to be regularly scheduled. Not only does your carpet’s warranty likely depend on the occasional professional cleaning, but having an expert clean your carpets or rugs is also the best way to prolong their lifespan. You get all the following benefits when you hire our ServiceMaster by Wright carpet cleaning service today.

If you have your carpets professionally cleaned by ServiceMaster by Wrightevery six months to a year, they will look, feel and create a cleaner and more breathable environment and last much longer.

ServiceMaster by Wright is trained and skilled at cleaning in a variety of environments. We know how to get rid of allergens & other pollutants to make your home more breathable. We don’t just get rid of the obvious dirt and stain on your carpet, but also the invisible and hard-to-see particles that can make you feel unwell and make your residence unpleasant to live in. Contact us at 239-431-9947 for faster response or visit for more details. Serving businesses and homeowners located in Southwest Florida and nearby Counties.