Why You Would Hire a Water Damage Restoration Company in Estero, Florida?

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Your house has been hit by a flood in Estero, Florida. Assessing the damage will take a keen eye and a strong stomach. You may be tempted to take on this project yourself, thinking that you will save money. You may be thinking that it isn’t so bad. You may want enlist your friend or neighbor to help you. Bad move unless your friend or neighbor happens to be a water extraction specialist and has the right equipment. There are three reasons why you shouldn’t tackle this project yourself.

1. Seepage – Flooding waters can penetrate cracks and holes that you can’t see. A good evaluation by a water damage company can spot those cracks and holes. Mold grows in those unseen cracks causing health issues. Ordinary sealers may hide those still wet areas and allow mold to grow. Water extraction equipment is specifically designed to help clean out the water from these areas

2. Contamination – After a flood, you will be dealing with contaminated water. A water damage company have the right water extraction equipment to deal with standing water. Depending on what kind of water seepage your house is experiencing, a water extraction specialist will have the right tools and equipment to handle it. If you don’t have the right tools and equipment, you may be needlessly exposing yourself to bacterial illnesses.

3. Structural and Electrical Damage – Water damage companies have the needed experience to extract water correctly and start the drying process. Water extraction equipment is often use to quickly extract water from wood and plaster surfaces. Professionals ensure that all safety procedures are followed so electrical outlets are dried properly before power is turned back on.

Water damage restoration takes time. Hiring professionals to restore your property to its pre-flood condition is prudent and a good investment. Doing water extraction the right way can save you time and money.

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