Why Should I Have My Carpet Steam Cleaned Instead of Shampooed

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Steam Cleaning

The wonder of steam cleaning is how it penetrates deep into fabrics, seeping into even the densest materials. Shampoo treatments certainly use the most advanced chemical compounds, and some truly innovative methods to deliver the chemicals, but no other method can saturate every fiber of a dirty carpet the way steam cleaning can. The reputation of a carpet cleaning service depends on using the best techniques in the industry to restore carpeting to a fresh, like new condition, and steam cleaning does exactly that, reaching dirt so that it can be loosened and washed away. Nothing says clean quite like freshly cleaned carpet, spotless upholstery and gleaming floors.

ServiceMaster currently service’s all of Lee CountyCape Coral, North Fort Myers, Lehigh AcresSanibel, Captiva Island, Pine Island and Fort Myers. Any average carpet cleaning service can remove a surface layer of dirt and grime, showing a homeowner apparent cleanness, but this is only surface cleanness with oils and trapped dirt still firmly entrenched deep below. A professional steam cleaning company understands that freshness only comes from deep cleaning. A steam cleaning may involve heavier machinery, but one look at the dirty grey water being sucked up, after an infusion of steam and cleaning solution, proves the method has a clear superiority over shampooing.

Carpet Shampooing

The shampoo solution is released from the reservoir of the machine and massaged into the carpet by a rotating brush fixture. The method varies slightly, with different shampoo compounds available from different manufacturers, but care has to be taken not to apply too much shampoo. Release too much of the solution into the carpet and a soapy residue may be left behind after the carpet dries. The residue itself proves to be a magnet for further dirt. A steam cleaning company uses a cleaning machine that is a powerful combination of vacuum cleaner and heated water. The machine is often so complex and heavy that it sits out on a truck while hoses are unwound to apply the steam and cleaning solution. Afterwards, a vacuum hose sucks up the dirty water. Steam cleaning leaves very little residue in comparison to shampooing, and dries far faster. Choose a steam cleaning company for a deep, professional cleaning service that both deodorizes and sterilizes the most soiled carpets.