Why Sewage Based Flooding is Dangerous for your Health?

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Everyone knows that sewage flooding is not pleasant. It smells bad, looks disgusting, and is potentially harmful, even deadly. These are all reasons why ServiceMaster by Wright is kept busy responding to urgent calls from clients to carry out emergency cleaning tasks involving sewage clean-ups in Southwest Florida.

But did you know just how potentially deadly sewage based flooding  (defined as wastewater and excrement carried in sewers) can be? We have a list of reasons why sewage based flooding is dangerous to your health. The hazards fall into the main categories of bacterial infections, viral infections, parasitical infections, and accidents.

Disease-causing germs can be spread from a sewage backup in Southwest Florida if it is not disposed of properly or if people do not practice proper toilet hygiene. If a sewage disposal system is not properly maintained it will not be able to get rid of the sewage safely. For a sewage system to be properly maintained, all faulty blocked, damaged, broken or worn-out parts must be mended as soon as possible after they stop working correctly, you can call ServiceMaster by Wright for our sewage clean up service in Southwest Florida. To give you more information about why sewage based flooding can be dangerous, here is the list of disease-causing germs  you could get from sewage flooding:

Diseases caused by germs:


  • salmonellosis
  • shigellosis
  • diarrhea
  • trachoma
  • melioidosis


  • gastroenteritis
  • hepatitis A
  • Diseases caused by parasites:
  • giardiasis
  • dwarf tapeworm infection
  • threadworm infection
  • hookworm infection
  • strongyloidiasis

These disease-causing germs and parasites can be spread thru:

  • directly by people coming into contact with sewage or toilet waste (this can happen, for example, when people walk through sewage which has leaked onto the ground from broken sewage pipes)
  • with animals such as flies and cockroaches which carry the germs and parasites in or on their bodies. Dogs and cats can carry germs and parasites too

Sewage back up or effluent collecting in pools as a result of an overflowing sewage lagoon or broken sewage pipes. This sewage and effluent contains disease-causing germs and parasites and allows mosquitoes to breed like areas that are:

  • Uncovered or broken septic tanks which allow effluent to escape, meaning that people or pets can directly be exposed
  • Blocked, overflowing toilets which make it easy for children to come into contact with germs
  • Leach drains from septic tanks which are too close to drinking water supplies so that effluent soaks through the soil into the water supply

What to do after a  sewage based flooding event?

When the flood is over, ServiceMaster by Wright will do our best to find out why it happened and prevent it from occurring again. We can’t stop storms but we can see if there’s a better way to manage the consequences and protect you. We’ll look at how much rainfall fell at the time and how our sewer was coping before, during and after the event.

To be thorough, our investigation may take time, but we’ll let you know what’s going on. If your property has external flooding, we will attend as soon as we can but have to prioritize those customers in greatest need, such as those with internal flooding and customers at greater risk such as the elderly and disabled. After visiting you, we will arrange a  sewage clean up to remove excess liquid and any solids left behind and wash down and disinfect external hard standings such as footpaths. We will dry out your property, restore any damaged contents and we will also help you contact your insurance company to arrange the compensation for the loss and damage to your content’s or property. Until things get back to normal, take care to:

  • wash your hands thoroughly if they come into contact with the flooded area
  • get rid of contaminated food, including cans
  • don’t eat contaminated crops from your garden or allotment
  • take extra care when preparing food
  • always wash your hands and store opened food in a sealed container
  • avoid using affected gas and electrical appliances until a qualified gas fitter or electrician has checked they’re safe
  • make sure your property is safe and secure if you’re opening doors and windows for ventilation.

If you feel unwell, accidentally swallow any contaminated material, or have any symptoms such as diarrhea or sickness after the flood then call your doctor immediately.

If you’re the property’s been affected by sewage based flooding, call our 24-hour helpline at ServiceMaster by Wright at 239-431-9947. No matter what caused the sewage flooding, ServiceMaster by Wright is best placed to help you. We will respond as soon as possible.