Why is Expert Hoarder Cleanup Fort Myers recommendable than DIY?

Hoarding, a form of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), hits approximately 2-6% of the world’s population. In this mental health condition, the hoarder accumulates and keeps items that others consider useless. Relatives and companions of hoarders are then forced to discard these stored items to get the area neat and orderly, resulting in dispute of the person suffering from hoarding disorder with other family members. Hoarding often results in an unsanitary, risky & hazardous environment, and a Hoarder Cleanup Fort Myers is a comprehensive solution to a challenging problem.

Expert cleaning and decontamination promptly restore your house to a habitable and saleable state. Hoarding cleanup demands specialist skills and experience, which is helpful in-

  • Identification of articles of use
  • Removal and safe disposal of waste
  • Cleaning and 100% decontamination of unsanitary surroundings

DIY hoarder cleanup isn’t advised

Due to collecting multiple items in a small space, cleaning that particular area may not be possible because of the discipline expected and the inherent health hazards. That’s why DIY hoarding cleanup is not advisable; instead of that, consult a professional company. Here are some of the risks of conducting DIY hoarding cleanup.

  1. Labor-Intensive Exercise

Hoarding cleanup is a complicated job that demands an adequate approach to accomplish. Primarily, when you opt for the DIY method, you require to determine which items to discard and what to donate. You also need to know from where to start & how to move from one room to other to accomplish the task effectively. The most competent strategy would be, to begin with, an inspection of the whole house that would include checking of the cabinets, drawers, cloth pockets, and handbags/ purses.

This laborious duty requires handling trash piles, decluttering, and sanitizing the residential property, besides fixing damages. The job can take long hours to complete relying on the hoarding extent, and that’s why a reputable hoarding cleanup company can be acknowledged for fast results.

  1. Biohazard Contamination

When embarking on a hoarding cleanup action, you’re exposing yourself to harsh sanitation issues. Dirt & debris accumulate quickly and in considerable numbers in this condition, presenting it the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, other unwanted guests, and harmful microorganisms. Doing the hoarding cleanup on your own implies you’re handling various biohazards (existing & dead animals, excretions, urine, and body liquids). Exposing yourself to these conditions, especially in this COVID situation, is remarkably dangerous without protection. You can ask COVID 19 decontamination for residential Fort Myers so that you remain unexposed to different bacteria and fungus.

  1. Pests and Rodents

The decomposing materials & rotting foods invite various pests & rodents to the residence, which even demands you conduct fumigation, which a licensed cleaning company can only perform.

Biological agents such as rats, cockroaches, houseflies & different pests are tempted by animal waste & rotting food and spread infections and diseases to animals and humans living in unsanitary conditions.

  1. Exposure to Physical Injuries

Apart from exposing yourself to health hazards, you may also be at risk of potential physical injuries. The delicate piles can collapse and injure the person when you attempt decluttering and cleaning the house. Hoarders scatter objects haphazardly all over, increasing risks of tripping & falling and sustaining cracks, injuries, and sprains. It’s vulnerable to try lifting bulky items. To avoid physical injuries, you can seek help from experienced professionals in hoarding cleanup.

  1. Cleaning Equipment and Suppliers

Hoarder Cleanup Fort Myers is labor-intensive plus a challenging task. You require an all-embracing deal of specific cleaning equipment and supplies for job accomplishment. These items involve cleaners, disinfectants, garbage bags, empty boxes, step-stool, vacuum cleaners, sponges, cleaning cloths, wipes, gloves, containers, mops, sweepers, and shovels. You also need to know where to dump the accumulated trash. Most of the above-quoted equipment & tools may only be possessed by professional cleaning companies.


From the discussion above, it is evident that hoarder cleanup is laborious, plus a dangerous job that must be handled with utmost care and professionalism. Instead of conducting this job yourself, you can employ professional hoarding cleaning services to ensure your occupants reside in a safe and sound environment. Besides, professionals are in possession of relevant tools and equipment to do the task quickly and correctly.