Who Knows What Pack-Out Means?

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What is the purpose of a pack-out?

ServiceMaster would remove your furniture from your home and take it to be dried, de-odorized and cleaned so you could still use it and have it in your home after the rebuild or restoration process is completed. For instance, if your home catches on fire and your furniture absorbs the soot and smoky-smell of the fire and also gets doused in water and no immediate action is taken to save it, will then be unable to be saved after too much time has passed. This is why it is so important to get into contact with an emergency service provider like ServiceMaster as quickly as possible.

To begin the pack-out process we would inventory the contents of your home that you would like for us to save and have restored if possible. We would pack up everything and label it and then take it to our remote facilities to have it cleaned properly. By removing the contents of your home we can ensure no additional smoke and water damage. The sooner we can do this, the sooner we can have your items back to you. We would then have you check out your items and let us know if they have been restored to your satisfaction.

Following the cleaning process of the contents of your home, we will store them at our facilities until we have completed the rebuild or restoration of your home or business. You can trust that your contents will be safe and secure in our storage facilities. Also, if needed, depending upon the damage to the home or business we can also do a board-up on the property to keep it secure from people who may want to trespass into the building. Even though we will remove everything that the home or business owner would like for us to save or restore, if there is still a substantial amount of content left in the home we may board it up. We will also board it up if the property is not safe enough to enter.

In addition, to remove and inventory the bigger soft good contents of your home, such as furniture, ServiceMaster can also provide emergency laundry and dry-cleaning services for clothing as well. We understand that having your own clothes back will help make you feel more comfortable and a returning sense of normalcy. We can have your clothes back to you within 24-72 hours period depending on the volume of clothing and the severity of the smoke damage to them.

Often times homeowners may find themselves overwhelmed in an emergency situation like a fire and will have no idea what to do next. We want to help make this unfortunate process a little easier by providing you with our care bags and our concierge service.

Do you need immediate help, call ServiceMaster at 239-431-9947. We are a 24/7/365 day a year company that is always open and able to assist you.