Help! I Have Mold in My Condo or Apartment. What Should I Do?

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Mold can appear in any place where there is moisture and inadequate ventilation, such as your condominium or apartment. There are several types of molds and not all are harmful, but they should be removed as soon as they are noticed.

Learn more about the types of mold found indoors, their health risks, and what to do when you spot mold growth from the experts of ServiceMaster by Wright.

Common Types of Molds Found Indoors

Health Risks of Mold Exposure

Here are some allergic reactions that can be experienced when you are affected by mold spores:

Serious pain and neurological symptoms can also be observed, such as:

The immunocompromised, the elderly, and children are more sensitive to the health effects of mold, so mold removal must be performed immediately by a professional mold remediation company.

What Should I Do When I Discover Mold in My Condo/Apartment?

Why Should I Hire a Mold Remediation Company?

How to Prevent Mold From Coming Back

After the mold is removed, it’s best to take steps to prevent it from coming back. This will help condominium and apartment owners avoid future expenses, health hazards, and inconvenience.

Remove excess moisture

Use the appropriate cleaner

Dispose of items that cannot be dried out

Call the professionals

Make an Appointment With Our Mold Remediation Specialists in Fort Myers, Florida

Mold Damage ServiceMaster by WrightCondominium or apartment mold damage is a serious threat to your property, especially for Florida snowbirds who may not be present to deal with the damage firsthand. If you suspect mold growth in your condominium, you must contact professional mold remediation and removal experts to schedule an on-site inspection and draft an estimate.

ServiceMaster by Wright is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to mold emergencies in Fort Myers, Florida and the surrounding areas. We specialize in removing mold from ceilings, inside of walls, bathrooms, kitchens and after-flood baseboards and floors.

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