Help I Have Mold in My Condo or Apartment, What Should I Do?

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We specialize in removing mold from ceilings, inside of walls, bathrooms and kitchens and after flood baseboards and floors.

When Mold is Discovered in Your Condo

Mold can appear in any place where there is moisture and inadequate ventilation. There are several types of molds and not all are harmful but they should be removed. Since some molds are harmful and you are not sure which to call a mold removal company. This kind of company will come out to access the situation and use mold cleaning products to fix the damage. A healthy environment is so important for you and your family. If someone has a lung problem such as asthma or emphysema being around mold spores can be life threatening. So when you see mold such as growing around the tiles in the bathroom or in a basement area have it checked out. There may have to be construction changes done to remove any large amounts of mold. People cannot live day to day breathing in the mold spores and remain healthy. If this situation is in an apartment you might talk to a mold remediation company. You can try mold cleaning products yourself if its just a small bit of mold. These usually contain bleach and will effectively remove much of the surface mold. Making sure an area is aired out with good ventilation is essential to prevent mold issues. But if it is a case of long term mold growth then a mold removal company is valuable to help you.

If the mold has done damage to the health of your family then the services of a mold remediation company and a lawyer can aid in helping you sort through the next step.

What you should consider is how long was the exposure. How many people such as older individuals with a chronic lung condition or small children with allergies lived there. Were any pregnant women exposed to this mold contamination and was there any problem associated with it?

As you can see a mold problem is serious. If it is long standing it can mean walls torn out and a mold removal process done. But it can be completed and made safe again.

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