What is Steam Cleaning of Carpets?

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At ServiceMaster we use the steam cleaning method for carpet cleaning. The method which people are most familiar with to clean their carpets professionally is steam cleaning. On the other hand, there are other methods around, many of which claim to get better results, so it’s probably a good idea to find out exactly what steam cleaning is, and why it is still the best system around.

Also known as ‘hot water extraction’, steam cleaning penetrates deep into the carpet fibers by means of water vapor and a combination of scrubbing and simultaneous removal of embedded dust and dirt, all of which is achieved without the use of a lot of chemicals. Apart from application of a pre-conditioner, most of the actual cleaning is done by the hot water, excluding the need for harsh detergents. It is not surprising that this is the carpet cleaning method most often recommended by companies that sell carpets.

What are the other alternatives?

Dry cleaning, which does use lots of chemicals (something to be avoided if part of the reason to get your carpets cleaned is to rid your home environment of allergens and other contaminants). You may even end up with residues of cleaning agents that remain after the dry cleaning has been done. You can struggle with a bought or rented carpet cleaner, steam or otherwise; but keep in mind that if you opt for the professionals, ServiceMaster arrives with truck-mounted equipment that allows them to have complete control over critical factors such as the temperature of the water they are using. And it isn’t your electricity that’s being used! Also it’s not so noisy – the hoses are brought in from the truck for just as long as it takes to get your carpets done. Another advantage of this is that we can take care of the whole house at one time, much quicker than you can – think about renting a machine at the weekend and having to move everything from room to room as you attempt to get it all done within the rental time!

When it is done properly, the steam cleaning process involves several steps, including preparing the carpets by vacuuming them thoroughly, and finishing up the work by the application of a protectant that will keep your renewed carpets looking fresh and new for longer, and guard against the inevitable threats of marks and stains.

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