How Dangerous is Soot and Smoke Damage?

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The harm a fire causes to a property stays even long after it is put out. Most of us don’t know about soot and smoke damage and their effects to our home and health.

Smoke and soot contain acidic substances that can injure your home, items, and family for a long time. Smoke corrodes metal, damages marble and glass, and discolors porous materials like clothing, drywall, flooring, and fabric. Furthermore, the scents produced by smoke damage are unpleasant and harmful to human health.

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What is Smoke Damage?

Once smoke particles settle on the surface, the result is commonly called soot. Fire damage entails smoke damage and it contains ash and soot. Soot is a mass of carbon particles from the incomplete combustion of hydrocarbons and it looks like a black, powdery substance.

5 Types of Smoke

Smoke damage comes in a variety of forms. Each type has a distinct level of impact on your home and demands different restoration methods.

Smoke damage can be caused by:

Some people believe that if an area was not directly affected by a fire, smoke and soot damage will not be apparent. Quite the contrary, during a fire, smoke will drift to the cooler and higher parts of a structure.

Even if a fire breaks out in a building’s lower level living room on the first floor, smoke damage restoration may be required on the upper levels. Smoke and soot damage to your house or company can be devastating.

Health Risks of Soot and Smoke Exposure

A few of the adverse reactions of soot to our health during exposure are the following:

Since airborne soot is invisible, you may not know that you are already affected. Once it enters your body, that will be the only time you will be able to experience the inimical effects.

Further, exposure to soot was first discovered to be associated with skin cancer of the scrotum in 1775 among many British chimney sweeps. Since then, many discoveries revealed that chimney sweeps have a higher risk of scrotal and other skin cancers.

Unfortunately, when the effects of soot are not promptly treated, the tiny particles can penetrate deep down into the lungs and will eventually result in breathing problems and more severe respiratory illnesses.

Filing a Smoke Damage Insurance Claim

Filing for an insurance claim is not a complicated process. Here are the steps you should take.

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