What are the Potential Harms of Hoarding?

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There are several types of harm that can come from hoarding behavior. Most urgent is safety risks, when they are present (and not all people who hoard have imminent safety risks). These can include the risk of fire from combustibles stored near sources of flame; structural damage such as floors or walls collapsing; and what is considered the most significant, the risk of entrapment: Becoming entangled in your things and unable to get out in the event of an emergency. Hoarding can also make it difficult or impossible for rescue personnel to get in. Another category of risk is danger to the person’s health, such as respiratory ailments from long-term exposure to dust and risk of injury from lifting or stepping over things or from sleeping on a couch or floor instead of in a bed.

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Pathological hoarding is characterized by the accumulation of large amounts of items that can make a home unsafe and no longer a viable living space. With this level of content accumulation, there are inherent dangers that may exist in the living space which require trained professionals to assess and treat the area. Hoarding can also be associated with animal waste, human waste and in some cases, decomposition. Gross filth can contain a variety of pathogens capable of causing physical illness and sometimes even death. Complete remediation and restoration of these areas can be a difficult and time consuming task.

ServiceMaster technicians are trained to handle these situations far more efficiently than most of our competitors as we are fully equipped to perform ozone treatment.

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