Water Damage to Home in Lehigh Acres

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ServiceMaster Restorations was called to a house in Lehigh Acres, Florida after-hours that had water damage that was caused by a pipe to the kitchen sink. The water damage affected the kitchen, living room, foyer and garage. ServiceMaster went in and extracted the water and started the drying out process.

ServiceMaster set up dehumidifiers and air movers throughout the house. ServiceMaster’s removed all of the baseboards to help with the drying of the drywall and to make sure that mold would not grow behind the baseboards. The laminate flooring was damaged by the water and had to be removed, as did baseboards and drywall. ServiceMaster then applied an anti-microbial agent to prevent mold growth.

ServiceMaster is still working on the remediation of the water damage with the homeowner. After ServiceMaster is done with the water damage, ServiceMaster’s construction department will then begin to work with the homeowner to rebuild the home back to its original state before the damage, which would include some of the following rehanging the drywall, painting the walls, and laying new laminate flooring.