Water Damage to Home in Cape Coral

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ServiceMaster by Wright received a call from a home owner in Cape Coral, Florida, for water damage. The cause of the water damage was a broken pipe in the attic above the bathroom, which affected multiple rooms of the house. ServiceMaster extracted the water from the home and then started the structural drying. The technicians set up dehumidifiers and air movers thru out the home to assist in the drying process. Insulation was saturated and needed to be removed and will be replaced at a later time. The vanities in both bathrooms and the cabinets in the kitchen were damaged by the water and needed to be removed. ServiceMaster removed and disposed of the hardwood floor that was damaged and the toe kicks. Some of the drywall needed to be removed for proper drying and will be replaced at a later time. The technicians applied antimicrobial solution to avoid mold growth. ServiceMaster’s construction department is currently working with the home owner to rebuild the damaged areas. They will be replacing all the drywallbaseboards, painting, etc. New vanities and cabinets will be installed in the bathrooms and kitchen. They will also be replacing the hardwood floor.