Water Damage to Home in Cape Coral, FL

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ServiceMaster Restorations was called to a home in Cape Coral, FL that was flooded when the toilet tank in the guest bathroom overflowed. Servicemaster went in and extracted the water from the affected rooms, which were the guest bathroom, hallway, two bedrooms, linen closet, master bedroom, and master bathroom. Servicemaster set up dehumidifiers to get the moisture out of the home and sprayed antimicrobial to disinfect the floors and walls to prevent mold growth.

Servicemaster then removed the baseboard to help with the drying of the drywall and to make sure that mold did not grow behind the baseboards. Servicemaster is still working on the remediation of the water damage with the homeowner. After Servicemaster is done with the water damage, Servicemaster’s construction department will work with the homeowner to rebuild the home back to its original state before the damage.