Water Damage to 5 Condo Units in Fort Myers, FL

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On Friday, April 13, 2012, at 10:32 am ServiceMaster Restorations got a call from a large condo association in Fort Myers. A sprinkler system pipe had broken in a fourth floor unit and the water was flowing downward through the third and second floors. ServiceMaster technicians were dispatched and arrived on site within 20 minutes to begin the extraction process. Upon arrival it was quite clear that besides the water extraction that needed to be done they had a bigger problem, no power. The technicians immediately called the office and we loaded up the 40kw generator and had it on site and powered up within an hour thus supplying all 5 units with the power we would need to run the drying equipment.

The pipe that burst was located in the foyer of the condo unit on the fourth floor flooding the entire condo unit. The other units were affected to varying degrees, all the units had carpet and tile floors had cork under it. Cork cannot be dried effectively so all those floors will have to be entirely removed. All the carpeting and pad had to be removed in the effected rooms, the pad will have to be replaced and the carpet reinstalled once the drying process was complete.

In order to facilitate the drying process ServiceMaster technicians would place 55 air movers and 10 dehumidifiers which would be monitored over the following days. In addition to placing equipment our technicians would remove baseboards in many rooms and installed ½” small holes into the drywall under where the baseboards would be, in order to pump hot air under the drywall into the wall cavity to assure that not only the drywall but the base plates and studs were dried to protect the units from the possibility of mold growth. After all the walls were completely dried, the baseboards would be reinstalled.

Within seven days after the event all the five units were ready for rebuild. ServiceMaster Restorations stands ready and willing to facilitate if the condo association need help to rebuild.

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