Water Damage: The Common Causes & Factors

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Water damage is a common but pesky occurrence that can harm the property and often the inhabitant’s health. Typically it happens when water starts affecting property structures and destroys them, comprising the property’s integrity—if left unattended.

Not just this, water damage in Punta Gorda and worldwide can lead to further complications like mold and mildew infestation that result in respiratory complications in the occupants. Additionally, a leaky faucet or plumping line can make your home damp, with moisture seeping in from walls to carpets, leading to an unpleasant smell inside the house. 

Owing to these reasons, homeowners need to identify the signs of water damage early and take measures to prevent minor plumbing issues from taking a drastic shape. This preventive practice saves homeowners money they would otherwise spend on water damage processes. Likewise, individuals can be spared from experiencing the inconvenience that accompanies water damage.

This blog discusses the most common causes of water damage that you will find universally.

Your house has clogged gutters.

A clogged gutter can kickstart a myriad of complications around your property, including water damage. Foliage, debris, and snow often clog the gutter, which is why water running off the roof doesn’t get space to drain. As a result, often, the water seeps in through walls through gaps that might present in house shingles. This can cause water marks and mold infestation across the affected area, eventually weakening the home structure.

Your house has indoor plumbing issues.

Often the source of water damage lies inside the house with impaired pipes and leaks that result from bad indoor plumbing. Therefore even a minor-looking problem like a faulty faucet or a bathroom sink dripping water shouldn’t be overlooked. Industry persons should immediately be contacted to address it to prevent minor issues from becoming severe problems. Plumbing issues don’t correct themselves; a minor issue generally turns big if left unattended.

Your house has impaired sump pumps and similar appliances.

A sump pump is a special appliance that protects your home from flooding and related issues by extracting extra water inside the house. However, during extreme weather, there are high chances for power failures, and appliances might stop working altogether. This can result in water clogging the basement. Further, other household appliances like washing machines and refrigerators can start leaking if there is faulty installation.

Your house is affected by severe weather.

Natural occurrences are unpredictable and generally stay out of your control; however, it is a common cause of water damage. Not just this, they are destructive sources of water damage like hurricanes and thunderstorms, blizzards, and snowstorms. Bad weather often damages the roof and leaves an opening for melting snow and water to enter the home. Further, snow blocks can fall in your gutter and block them, leaving less space for water for drainage.

Final Thoughts!

Water damage is inevitable; however, it can be prevented after meticulously proofing your house against water leaks and seepage. The best solution to a challenge is preventing it; however, the matter often slips through our hands. In this case, call experts to handle the matter upon seeing the first indication of water damage to mitigate the issue in the nascent stage.

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