Water Damage & Mold Remediation in Naples, FL

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ServiceMaster Restorations was called to a home in Naples, which had water damage due to a plumbing leak in the bathroom. The rooms affected in the home were the bathroom, laundry room and kitchen. ServiceMaster dispatched a crew right away and extracted the water from the affected home. In order to dry out the affected home, ServiceMaster set up dehumidifiers. ServiceMaster set up containment and negative air machine in the home, containing the affect area as they found mold growing in the affected rooms. The vents in the contaminated rooms were sealed off so the mold could not travel to the rest of the home. The next step was to remove the drywall, cabinets and shower walls. The technicians then HEPA vacuumed and wiped down all the walls, studs and contents. The technicians applied antimicrobial solution to avoid mold growth. Some of the furniture was able to be saved and will be cleaned by the mold technicians, other furniture was too damaged from the water and mold and had to be properly disposed of.

Air scrubbers were then placed in the effected area to get rid of all the mold spores in the air. After all this was complete, an air quality test was done to make sure all the mold spores were gone. Once all the steps of the mold remediation were complete, ServiceMaster’s reconstruction department went in and replaced the shower walls and cabinets. Also, they replaced and painted the drywall. They were able to restore the home back into the condition it was in before the water damage and mold remediation occurred.

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