Water Damage in Naples, FL

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ServiceMaster Restorations was called to a condo in Naples, Florida that had a water damage that was caused a few weeks prior to us being called by an unknown source. ServiceMaster went to the condo with a Thermal Camera to detect where the water was coming from. ServiceMaster found the water was from a leaking valve from the washing machine. The water damage affected the laundry room, two closets, two hallways, and the foyer. ServiceMaster went in and extracted the water and started the drying out process. ServiceMaster set up dehumidifiers throughout the home. ServiceMaster removed all of the baseboards and toe kicks to help with the drying of the drywall and found that mold had started to grow.

ServiceMaster then had to remove part of the drywall to stop the mold from spreading. ServiceMaster then applied an anti-microbial agent to prevent further mold growth. The carpet padding was damaged by the water and had to be removed. After ServiceMaster’s water remediation department was done, ServiceMaster’s construction department then started to rebuild the home back to its original state before the water damage occurred. ServiceMaster’s construction department replaced the carpet pad, reinstalled and cleaned the carpet, replaced the drywall, painted, and replaced the baseboards of the damaged areas. The condo was set to be rented nine days after the water damaged occurred and ServiceMaster had all of the work completed in time to allow the condo to be ready for the new tenants.

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