Top Misconceptions for Filing a Claim for Water Damage

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Is your home affected by water damage in Marco Island? Water damage can devastate your life if not managed properly. There are countless misconceptions in people’s minds that make them make the wrong decision after water damage. This blog will clean up all those misconceptions categorically. So, let us get started. 

Misconception #1: I Always Need To File For A Claim

Before filing a claim for water damage in Marco Island, consult with an experienced restoration service to establish the amount of the damage. An experienced company like Service master by wright can quickly decide if your losses are severe enough to support filing a claim based on the degree of your damage in contrast to your deductible.

You don’t want to file a claim on your home’s water damage unless absolutely necessary, and in some cases, you may not even have coverage, so why bother? Consult our restoration professionals before filing a claim to ensure that it is valid.

Misconception #2: I Have To Wait For The Adjuster To Arrive 

It’s entirely improper to say this! In most cases, your insurance company and you have a contract for you to secure your belongings. And in the small print, it says that failing to appropriately reduce damages may prevent you from receiving insurance compensation for that loss. So, if you wait for an insurance agent/adjuster to arrive, you risk not taking care of the damage quickly enough and risk losing coverage. To keep your half of the bargain, engage a specialist from our Servicemaster Restorations as soon as possible to record the loss and address the issues.

Misconception #3: It Is Mandatory To Hire Suggested Contractors by the Company 

Florida allows you to handle your loss and rebuild your home with whatever contractor you want. You have the legal right to pick the contractor you feel most comfortable working with. Some mediators may advise you to employ their contractor in order for your loss to be compensated, but this is untrue on so many counts. They could even make an effort to claim that they are unaware of your contractor but that they are confident that theirs would do an excellent job. Just keep in mind that their contractor eventually works for them, not you. This is your place; don’t you want to have control over who works there?

Misconception #4: Insurance Companies Have Their Contractors, and You Are Bound to Use Them: 

Insurance companies don’t have contractors, and they are just there to provide you the compensation for the losses that are covered in the policy. Most companies could deny hiring a contractor to repair your property because they do not want the responsibility. They may give you a contractor, but you will be the one to sign and employ them, so be sure that the place is with them.

If you are looking for a restoration service for water damage in Marco Island, Servicemaster Restorations is the best option for you. We have an impeccable track record for catering to countless customers with our fantastic restoration service.