Top 5 Steps To Handle A Water Damage Emergency!

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Nowadays, myriad people are struggling with water damage emergencies every day, either at home or at work. Water damage is very frequent. A whopping 98% of Cape Coral basements risk experiencing some water-related damage. In Cape Coral, many homes could be impacted by water damage at any moment. 

So, you cannot afford to ignore the risk of water damage in Cape Coral. If you are struggling with this issue, it is easy to panic. At ServiceMaster by Wright, our team has compiled an action plan to help you handle a water damage emergency properly and effectively.  

If possible, then stop the water flow. 

Some water damage can be more controllable as compared to others because you can stop or control the water flow. In case of water leaks, finding your water shutoff valves can reduce the level of damage.  

You may need to take appropriate measures to stop the water from entering your home if you live in an area prone to flooding. 

Prioritize safety

Your safety is your priority in case of water damage. Keeping your family and yourself safe is your responsibility. After stopping the flow of water, make sure to tackle all health and safety risks:

  • Turn off all electrical circuits.
  • If there is a risk of flooding, then empty the property.
  • Keep your family in a safe area away from the water.

Protect your valuables

During a water damage, protecting all your belongings is impossible. But you can protect possessions by moving them to a dry and safe position away from water-soaked areas. Keep in mind that some possessions, including paper documents and electronics, are more prone to damage in the case of water exposure.   

Claim for insurance

Your insurer can be an important friend in navigating a water damage emergency. They can help prepare and make a claim through:

  • Sharing the important insurance claim steps
  • Your insurer helps you collect proof and documentation
  • Your insurer helps you keep a record and all important receipts
  • Ensuring you can get an estimate for the cost of repair and loss quickly

Reinstate and clean your home

The quicker you can dry out the water, the more likely you are to eradicate long-lasting risks, such as mold growth.  

You can already start the cleaning process by:

  • Using fans and dehumidifiers in wet areas
  • Removing carpets and hanging them out to dry
  • Remove wet furniture from the flooded areas
  • Set the air conditioning system to ON to remove humidity

You need to hire the best and most reputed Cape Coral water damage restoration professionals to restore your property after water damage fully. At ServiceMaster by Wright, our team of water damage restoration professionals is trained to handle all water emergency situations. We have state-of-the-art tools, techniques, and knowledge to help remove the signs and consequences of water damage at home. We offer 24/7/365 emergency services in Cape Coral in order to recover your property effectively.