Top 5 Reasons Carpet Cleaning Is the Ultimate Weapon Against COVID-19 Virus

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Carpets have always been the focal point when upgrading home decor is the point of discussion. Unfortunately, throughout the widespread of COVID-19- carpets are still standing out, but for all reasons concerning cleanliness, hygiene and health.

Amid tough times, we have constantly heard about guidelines on cleaning and sanitizing our hands, clothing, and highly-touched surfaces. But, do these guidelines extend to carpets? Answer: Yes! Carpets are susceptible to toxic elements and often become a breeding ground for dust, mites, and germs. 

Routine commercial carpet cleaning Marco island by a team of professionals can put a full stop to the spread of viruses in your space. 

Keep reading to track the top 5 reasons why you should schedule carpet cleanings to help fight COVID-19.

Show Exit Door to Bacteria & Viruses

Viruses, including the deadly COVID-19, have the potential to live on surfaces, including carpets, rugs, and upholstery. This means that the virus can be easily spread through these surfaces. Allergens, bacteria, and pollutants often seek shelter within your carpet, and the same stands unquestionably true for the COVID-19 virus.

D.I.Y cleaning isn’t sufficient, which is probably why professional carpet cleaning services take center stage. This cleaning ensures that all viruses and bacteria within your carpet are eliminated to the core. 

Get Rid of Unseen Contaminants

Spills and stains are easy to spot on the carpet. Unfortunately, there are more dangerous elements that are not visible to naked eyes. With Carpet Cleaning Companies in Cape Coral, rest assured you will be protected from invisible yet deadliest contaminants.

Protect Your Airflow

Carpets are susceptible to dirt and dust which can further impede airflow. This can result in serious health issues for everyone. If viruses and bacteria are literally having a chill-out time on your carpet, the air quality in a given space is bound to suffer.

Save Money

Time is money! People who are very well-acquainted with it won’t risk it. Investing in commercial carpet cleaning is among those things that will help you save time and money in the best way possible. By regularly cleaning your carpet with the best-in-class equipment, you can prolong the life of your flooring. 

Make Your Space Spotless

As the world begins to reopen and it’s time for your WFH employees to return to work, you want them to feel safe when they do so. Dirty surfaces, including reception, conference room, workstations, and carpets all over the space, may cause some to worry about bacteria or viruses potentially lurking underneath. 

Commercial cleanings ensure your carpet looks spotless and free from toxic elements. 

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services in Your Area

If you are looking for top-grade commercial carpet cleaning, ServiceMaster by Wright is your answer. Let our advanced carpet and upholstery cleaning work for your company, and get the maximum ROI. These services will surely wipe away bacteria and viruses, creating a safe and hygienic environment.

Feel free to call us at (239) 431-9947 for emergencies or connect with us online to book an appointment. With our continual care programs, we stand out as the most effective solution for your business.