Top 3 Risky Types of Molds at Home in Southwest Florida

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Coping  with the serious damages brought about by molds spreading at home is stressful. If you’re wondering how it exist in your environment, it may lead back to water damage or damp surfaces in the property for a long period. Since this alarming issue becomes prevalent, the best resort is to consult Service Master by Wright, a trusted damage restoration company for a total rescue of your valued home or property.

Being totally experienced in the field of Mold Remediation, Service Master by Wright is your damage restoration professional solution for effective mold removal. A situation at home having an outgrowth of mold may not only destroy things but cause illnesses at the same time. To prevent this from happening, give a call to Service Master by Wright.

Learning more about mold classifications and its effect on human health can urge you to be more cautious and maintain a risk-free environment by seeking the help of Service Master by Wright.


This common mold sprouting around certain properties, the Aspergillus can actually cause severe reactions. Some of its adverse effects are respiratory infections, allergic reactions, and inflamed lungs. In case this mold type is not  eradicated in your home, a dangerous condition can develop.


Typically found on  wooden furniture, all surfaces, painted walls, and wallpaper, it can be noticed that it is  black and pink.   According to studies, this type of mold is the worst type since it  affects homeowners by intensive allergic reactions.


Usually found in the sink, shower, and dark areas at home, the Alternaria mold threatens homeowners with an asthma attack and allergic reactions. It could be commonly found both indoors and outdoors.

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