Top 10 Common Causes For Water Damage To Occur!

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Water is important to living life! We all know that it is our basic necessity. Whether preparing your meals, watering in the garden, cleaning a home, or taking a bath, water is important in most household tasks. Undoubtedly, every home needs water to have a happy and comfortable life.  

But although water is indeed important to performing lots of purposes within the home, water flowing in the wrong place is another thing. When it comes to water damage and flooding, everyone would want to have these issues resolved instantly.   

“The time is always right to do what is exactly right!”

At ServiceMaster by Wright, we offer a stupendous range of restoration services for water damage in Sarasota, available anytime day or night, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. Whether it is flooding caused by heavy rains, melting snow, broken pipes, or sprinkler malfunction, we respond instantly after your emergency occurs. Our technicians arrive at your location immediately and work quickly to eliminate moisture and dry out affected areas.  

We have a team of experienced and most ardent professionals who use advanced equipment to offer water damage in Sarasota, clean every inch of your property and restore everything back to pre-loss condition. 

Here are some common causes of water damage. Let’s have a look:

  1. Broken Pipes: 

A broken pipe is one of the worst things that could happen to your home. When a pipe bursts, the water inside rushes through the hole. It can cause severe damage to walls, ceilings, floors, and other parts of your home. Always remember, don’t try this on your own! It is not a piece of your cake. The restoration task requires a lot of expertise and innovative tools & techniques. So, it would be great to call our professionals today to get rid of the mess.   

  1. Drip Irrigation Systems and Sprinklers: 

Due to the lack of proper maintenance, drip irrigation, and sprinkler systems often fail to work, causing flooding, mold, or water damage.  

  1. Flooding: 

Flooding occurs when extreme amounts of rainfall fall within short periods. During heavy rains, rivers overflow their banks resulting in flooding.   

  1. Leakage: 

If not taken care of right away, this water damage can be very serious. It generally happens when there is a problem with the plumbing in your house. Clogged-up drains are the most common cause of this leaky pipe issue. Call us immediately if you notice any dripping from sinks, toilets, or tubs. We are here to help you fix the issue before it gets worse.  

  1. Rainwater runoff: 

Sometimes rainwater seeps under doors and windows and collects in basements. It is also known as rainwater intrusion. 

  1. Roof leaks: 

Roof leaks are another major reason that causes water damage problems, and they can also occur due to the lack of proper maintenance. Roofs also require regular inspections and repairs that people often avoid. So, always try to make sure that you check your roof regularly and call us whenever you see signs of leakage.  

  1. Sewer backup: 

Blocked sewers are also one of the biggest causes of sewer backups, and these blockages occur mostly because of the tree roots growing into them. So, if you notice anything like this, contact us as soon as possible. 

  1. Snowmelt: 

Snow and ice-melting water usually pile up around foundations and basement areas. This results in wet soil conditions which eventually leads to decay and rot, flooding, and damage to carpets, drywall, and insulation.  

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